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Physical Intelligence - Day 42

Physical Intelligence - Day 42Day 42 Physical



For the second day running I have been busy adjusting my biological clock, and while yesterday was an 18 hour day, the repeat occurred today because in trying to awaken without an alarm clock, I promptly awoke at the 3am mark again - and while I tried for 30 minutes to be "sensible" about trying to get back to sleep, I was "naturally awake".   Tonight I will "naturally sleep" except where at 6pm I may start encountering the natural desire to sleep. 

In switching my clock and inverting my recent sleep patterns I have to put up with today a self-induced "jet-lag".  That I have to drive out in a couple hours means that I must be careful and take care with this.  The net result however is positive, because the actual first three hours between 3am and 6am where surprisingly effective and while by 9am there was a desire to nap, I am resetting time as if I was living 6 hours west of where I live, and now have returned to "my time".  What I do like about the last 48 hours is that I potentially can adjust to a new time zone that eliminates artificial contraptions such an alarm clock, but 3am is too early a time to awaken, so hopefully I will not awaken tomorrow morning with a disappointing time check.

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