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In an age of advanced technologies and artificial intelligence systems that themselves are self-learning in a way that makes the idea of the evolution of a singularity way more plausible than at any time in human history, why do we still hold annual inventories, of which writing New Year Resolutions is a subset?

Today some organizations have moved over to perpetual inventory systems that provide to the minute states of financial play and yet those very same companies engage in the same time honoured employee events and functions during that group hug we call the end of year holidays. 

As robots take more white as well as blue collar jobs, are the robots that will replace human workers going to be programmed with end of year rituals and will they start the year writing artificially intelligent resolutions.  Will someone actually program these machines with the human habit of superstition and tribal behaviours?

In a time when life is becoming that much more informed by discovering the outer regions of our galaxy as well as at the quantum level, is it not puzzling that we still think about following traditions set centuries ago or at least incorporated changes that were made in the 20th Century?

This Washington Post article talks about January being a terrible time for renewal and makes the case why.  It also shows how we are still incredible creatures of habit.

It is amazing that things done thousands of years ago in times when superstition made a lot more sense for the simple reason that there was no information resource to consult other than the one controlled by a few people.  Seems that this control by the few over the many will continue for years to come.

There is only one thing more incredulous than determining that something begins at a certain time and that is the only time to set the resolutions for the entire several hundred days that set time lasts and that one thing is motivational videos. Not only are there so many motivational videos but there are motivational videos about not setting resolutions !

It is OK to think that science is learning based and entrepreneurship is goal based but not being a billionaire I don't know even to this day how billionaires set New Year Resolutions - because what on earth do they want when they can buy or have nearly any thing that most people set a resolution for - and if they are going to pay $100,000 for their own personal fitness trainer are they going to program them in starting on 1st January.  Do any of these billionaires think this way?

Even with billionaires we get intermediaries let us know what their mysterious work is about.  I would rather have a billionaire who made their money not telling us about how they set goals, to let us know if they behave like the rest of us who have a more employee or even middle class way of looking at setting goals at the start of the year. 

Yet corporations which produce their fair share of billionaires tend to have fiscal years and not annual years.  Why would a year end in March, June or October but the rest of us have a year end in December.  Surely those corporations will one day wake up and realize that they do not have to put their retail consumption and consumer eggs in a December basket.  Actually they have other ways of creating special cash cow days but I think they could do more.  That is what I was exploring as well as having fun with in my post at LinkedIn called "Quarterly Christmas".

In about half an hour my family will say Happy New Year for the second time today.  The good news is that they have bought into my 7pm Happy New Year - that is saying Happy New Year while watching the BBC and London Fireworks because midnight in England is 7pm in Eastern Standard Time.  Yet that is still not sufficient, so while I type away thinking through thoughts about resolutions and why on Earth we continue our ancient tribal habits, that they are compelled to do as the Romans do - then why don't we actually do what the Romans did !

My resolution to this buzz is simple, I have not resolved this and I cannot resolve the habits of habituated society.  Maybe it is a good thing that we have a highly watered down version of how societies celebrated year ends.  Actually I am pretty good with not being resolved - it means that I am still thinking - even with 30 minutes left of this Earth orbit tradition we engage in each year (without fail) - and so I wish everyone a Happy New Winter Season - and I am doing it with my clothes still on and not sacrificing animals and dancing around a pole. 

As for resolutions that people are going to make - all I can say to that is "knock yourself out" it is OK to act out these end of year scenes that remind me of Groundhog Day and that is OK because isn't "repetition" the ultimate mother of learning - and if that is the case then what are New Year Resolutions the mother of?

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