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Branding Strategy For Authors : Part 3 In A Series

This is the third in a series on writing, which is something I have been doing professionally for more than 50 years. Hope you enjoy it and find the insights useful. · A couple weeks ago, I spent an hour chatting with my friend Barb Munshaw. Barb is a social media marketer, but o ...

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Dream a new DREAM

“I dream of painting and then I paint my DREAM.” · – Vincent van Gogh · The older I get the greater I dream · The visions of youth are now dimly seen · How lovely it is though years have flown by · You’ve much to accomplish & things yet to try · Each day’s an adventure & much is ...

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Down but not out in Paris. Part one

‘Vous voulez laver les vassailles?’ · ‘Oui.’ · ‘Mais Pourquoi?’ · I then pushed the absolute limits of my schoolboy French attempting to explain to the bemused man across the desk that I was inspired by George Orwell’s description of life as a scullion in ‘Down and out in Paris a ...

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Genes are segments of
DNA-specific codes for
specific traits.


Oh! I am feeling hot · I feel like removing my all my apparel to ensure comfort · They are woven by cotton · A plant uniquely makes huge impact to human's social echelon · A basic need for our very existence · Will I ponder how it works with prevalence? · It is a unique invention ...

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Listen to the Bard

  · As one who is afflicted by a 'need for rhyme', I find myself, time and again, thinking of the works of Robert Burns, Scotland's national poet.  As I was growing up in that unique land of misty heather-clad hills, tartan, whiskey and bonnie lassies, I would yearn to travel.  T ...

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