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5 months ago

What to Do When Law of Attraction Doesn’t Work

Sarah Cohen · Everybody talks about harnessing The Law of Attraction so it works in your favour, but let’s face it. Talk is cheap when your life is falling apart and you can’t seem to turn it around.  · You dutifully create vision boards and recite positive affirmations. You even stick notes o ...

6 months ago

Developing A Success Mentality

Sarah Cohen · Is success all in your head? Tony Robbins is known for saying “If you’re in your head, you’re dead!” Everyone in the personal development industry will tell you your mindset will determine your degree of success.  · Your habit of thinking builds momentum over time. The more you f ...

4 years ago

The laws of attraction myth

Royce Shook · The law of attraction appears to state that "Like attracts like." What we want comes from being in a high frequency of gratitude for what we have and the joy and excitement of moving ourselves toward what we · want. · According to Wikipedia: the first references to the law of att ...

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