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1 year ago

Tips on Turning Traffic into Profitable Leads

Justin Shimoon · The most critical step in marketing any product or service is to produce content that is directly or indirectly associated with it. For the most part, this involves creating content for potential customers to read for free on blogs and within social platforms. The creation and pu ...

3 years ago

Craft Fairs

Royce Shook · The Second you retire, you may be thinking about what can I do with my free time, perhaps turning your career into a money making activity could be something to think about. Baby boomers are a very creative people.  But so often the demands of career and raising a family leaves l ...

4 years ago

Execution... the first in a series of thoughts

Graham🐝 Edwards · "Plan your work and work your plan"... simple, pithy, insightful, and used around the world. If you are not doing this then what are you doing?  · But what if you are doing this with all the effort and gusto you have, and still everything goes terribly wrong — I mean horribly (ju ...

4 years ago

How to Lose a Dedicated Customer-for-Life

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · I hate my washing machine. No, "hate" is not too strong a word. If anything, it understates my feeling. My current washing machine is absolutely, for-frigging-sure, beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, the worst purchase I ever made.  · That's saying something considering I bought MC Hamm ...

5 years ago

Everybody is in sales! And that means YOU!

Philippe Collard · My father was an “old style” professional salesman back in the 60s. He would go door-to-door trying to get people to buy his products (vacuum cleaners, pressure cookers, etc). When he came home, he told us (my mother, my brother, my sister and myself) about his day. This is when, ...

5 years ago

How to Be a Great Customer. Yes It's Worth It!

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · Sarah Elkins' post, "Get Extraordinary Service, Be an Extraordinary Customer," inspired this one. I could just as easily have titled it, "We're All Idiots Sometimes." I enjoyed Sarah's post where she describes unusual steps taken to ensure a superior customer experience.  · It's ...

5 years ago

Emotional connection trumps brand

don kerr · More and more quantifiable and quantitative data are emerging that support my long-held belief that engaging in genuine, authentic conversation with customers makes the most significant difference for companies large and small.Consider this statement from a recent article by Chri ...

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