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6 months ago

Watch These Classic Movies for Summer Fun!

Sarah Cohen · With the warm weather quickly approaching and stay at home orders still looming I have compiled a must watch list for this summer. Sure, I would rather be at the beach or a cottage but if I have to be at home, I am for sure going to mentally be somewhere else. The easiest way to ...

2 years ago

Did you ever skip school?

Royce Shook · I did once or twice when I was in high school and more than a few times at University. When I was teaching I had students who took the day off as I did. The issue was that when I took my time off and when my students took their time off, we did not accomplish anything. Maybe that ...

5 years ago

Any Colour But Dull

CityVP Manjit · The act of engaging a process can be tedious but it is elevated by meaning, in effect there is a delayed gratification as the process is constructed, because one can envision the value that process then adds once it is in place.  Even where the expectation falls short, the vision ...

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