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11 months ago

Until We Know What Trump Will Do Next...Let's Talk Penile Implants.

Robert Cormack · It could help his last days in office. · “Women don’t suffer from penis envy. Men do.” Joseph Heller. · It’s been a joyless week in politics. Even the British oddsmakers weren’t getting takers on 10/1 odds Trump will win. Okay, he did win a lawsuit, causing a recount in Pennsylva ...

2 years ago

Are You a Hang Dog Leader?

Jim Taggart · Lyndon Baines Johnson (aka LBJ) was having a bad hair day. Here he was, Vice President of the most powerful country in the world, former speaker of Congress and a master strategist and tactician, and he was slumped in a chair in a colleague’s office, head in his hands. He suddenl ...

5 years ago

Your Team Messed Up. Now What?

Kevin Pashuk · Sometimes, exuberance overtakes ability. · The tyranny of the deadline creates myopia. · Competing priorities and new "surprise" projects throw off the timeline. · Things are forgotten, or rushed. · In order to meet the delivery date, less important things like orientation and tr ...

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