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Jim Murray ·

2 years ago

Turning People On to Teamwork

Jim Taggart · A great deal has been written on leadership, to the point where it is used loosely without a clear understanding. The distinction between a leader and a manager can be explained this way: One is given management responsibilities–power and control over people and things. Leadershi ...

2 years ago
2 years ago

Are You an Authentic Leader?

Jim Taggart · I am your servant. I do not come to you as a leader, as one above others. · When you read these words did the person who uttered them come to mind? Admittedly, the world is adrift in leadership quotations. But what makes these words special is that they were said by Nelson Mandel ...

2 years ago

Leading in a Virtualized World: 10 Traits of a Cyber Leader

Jim Taggart ·   · The world is getting smaller, shrinking steadily due to rapid advancements in telecommunications technology. Work is being distributed to countries that would have been scorned at a decade ago. · As much as telecom technology has been a key driver to accelerating work distrib ...

3 years ago

Leadership Is A Survival Skill

Allan Latimer · I wouldn’t consider myself to be the world’s greatest expert on leadership, but I have held leadership positions. I’ve seen examples of good leadership and poor leadership.   · Leadership is a skill that can be used everywhere. When we are hanging with our friends, someone in the ...

3 years ago

Know Fear as a Leader

Jim Taggart · To say that the workplace has changed a lot in the past decade, with more changes imminent, should not come as a surprise to anyone. It’s almost become a trite statement to talk about the rapid changes that organizations have undergone. People — managers and staff — know this. Th ...

4 years ago

Are You a Leader or a Follower?

Jim Taggart · Human beings perceive themselves as Planet Earth’s supreme beings. · Just look at what the human race has introduced to the world since the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the mid-1700s: the steam engine, electricity, the telephone, specialization of production, air transp ...

4 years ago

Are You a BE2ST Leader at Customer Service? Get Your Feet Burnt!

Jim Taggart · Customer service is in the dumps with most companies and publicly funded organizations. We all have our favourite stories of horrendous customer service. Whether it’s the retail clerk smacking gum in your face or texting while pretending to serve you, the server whose manners bor ...

5 years ago

Are You Worthy of Being a Leader?

Jim Taggart · Does holding authority over others give you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction? · Before you answer this question take a moment to reflect. Be honest with yourself. · There are dozens and dozens of definitions of what constitutes leadership and its cousin, management. Too ...

5 years ago

How Leadership Impacts Organizational Performance

Justin Shimoon · Great leadership and leadership skills are not always something you are born with. Many times, to become a great leader you must be willing to learn and hone in on the skills that will make you the best you can be. Leadership profoundly impacts the performance of an organization ...

6 years ago

Are You a Post-Heroic Leader? Examining the 10 Myths

Jim Taggart · Many years ago while working on my Masters degree in leadership studies, one of my favourite profs urged me to read a great article by David Stauffer 10 Myths of Post Heroic Leadership and Why They’re Wrong”. This article is a keeper, and I’m pulling it out of the archives to see ...

6 years ago

Ten Rules for Succeeding as a Leader in an Age of Turbulent Change

Jim Taggart · The future ain’t what it used to be. · Known for his pithy and often mangled quotations, New York Yankees catcher and manager Yogi Berra nevertheless ended up making poignant observations. In this instance, the future keeps materializing in a typically different form than what “e ...

6 years ago

Execution... the second in a series of thoughts.

Graham🐝 Edwards · Lying on a table in a room of a secret government installation is an envelope (yes, it is 1000 feet underground). Inside that envelope (written by a steady hand) are three words. These three words when used together are the foundation for effective execution — in fact, without th ...

6 years ago

Are You an Authentic Leader?

Jim Taggart · I am your servant. I do not come to you as a leader, as one above others. · When you read these words did the person who uttered them come to mind? Admittedly, the world is adrift in leadership quotations. But what makes these words special is that they were said by Nelson Mandel ...

7 years ago

Ambivalence – Brother of Beta

Donald 🐝 Grandy PN · Ambivalence – Brother of Beta · Have you ever found yourself simultaneously wanting and not wanting something at the same time? “I need to do something about my weight but I’ve tried about everything and it never lasts” · Taking a step in one direction and the other starts look ...

7 years ago

Are You a Spontaneous Leader?

Jim Taggart · 500th Post on WordPress! · How the time has flown over the past seven-plus years since I started blogging on leadership and management issues. Technology enables writers to reach people around the globe in mere seconds. And with readers in over 160 countries it’s a thrill, and a ...

8 years ago

Becoming a Holistic Leader: 3rd Edition E-Book

Jim Taggart · Dedicated to Lily, Ashley, Briar, Ethan and Logan · A lot has happened around the world since the first edition of Becoming a Holistic Leader: Strategies for Successful Leadership using a Principle-Based Approach was released seven years ago. The international financial system te ...

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