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9 months ago

Retirement Trends Over the Past 10 Years

Royce Shook · I retired over 15 years ago, but stopped work less than 8 years ago, in that time trends in retirement have changed. The first surprise is that the trend to early retirement has ended and North Americans are starting to push back the time they are starting to retire. · We have be ...

4 years ago

Healing Your Past with Meditation

Royce Shook · As we move into retirement, we realize it is not possible to roll back time or undo or change bad decisions we made in the past. However, using meditation, we can change the way we feel about the bad decisions we made in the past so that they will stop tormenting us in the presen ...

4 years ago


Dominique 🐝 Petersen · For those of you who have not visited my Hive, Music of the 40s, 50s, and 60s, I interspersed my music video posts with Producer posts under the titles of "Musical Decades" and "Music History". These are true "content" posts covering a specific topic, such as "1940's Big Band Lea ...

4 years ago

Thoughts become alive

Royce Shook · Thoughts become alive. Some believe that we are who we are today · because of our thoughts. · Our minds are always working, consciously or subconsciously, we are always thinking. For many, the problem is that our minds are full of negative thoughts rather than positive thoughts. ...

4 years ago

Life Review

Royce Shook · A life review should lead toward reconciliation between the good and the bad we have experienced in our life. Representing the past in a life review is a matter quite different from floundering in nostalgic reverie. Making a decision to pursue this task is not about wonderful dep ...

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