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3 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · LOOK MA, NO HANDS · Just finished my second go round at Shaver with four really good hands free lengths of the parallel bars. Stephanie, my physio, equipped me with a whole bunch of things to practice that will help me get my body trained to balance itself. All in all, I have mad ...

3 months ago

The Day Off, Yeah, Right

Jim Murray · It’s a Thursday. I am beat from a rather grueling valuation day yesterday at Shaver where I’m doing my rehab and I’m only halfway through. We finish up there on Friday and won’t be able to go back for 6 months. · So we have both joined the gym at Brock, and will go there a couple ...

1 year ago

A Game of Inches

Jim Murray · Some days you wake up filled with hope and other days you wake up filled with fear. · We live in a world of extremes. A world that many of us cannot control and feel frustrated by. A world that very much appears to be spinning into oblivion. And may very well be. · But despite ...

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