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1 year ago

COVID 19 & DIVORCE in Canada

stephan metral 🐝 Innovative Brand Ambassador · According to a 2014 Analysis Paper by Statistics Canada, approximately 1.2 million Canadians who had separated or divorced within the last 20 years had at least one child aged 18 years or younger. While it was reported that only 9% of these children share equal living time betwee ...

1 year ago

Do you take care of your grandkids?

Royce Shook · I have a friend that spends an inordinate, I think, time looking after is grandchildren not just from one of his children but both of them. He does not complain but sometimes he says he is tired and doesn’t know why. He attributes it to be older and to not being in good shape. I ...

2 years ago

Ways to lower your blood pressure

Royce Shook · My wife was just given some medical news that required that she lower her blood pressure. I have been on blood pressure medication for a number of years. As we age, it is common to develop high blood pressure or hypertension. In fact, 53% of Canadians over the age of 60 have hype ...

3 years ago

Income and Pensions, is there a link?

Royce Shook · Women have a problem when it comes to saving for retirement in all countries. In most countries around the world, women earn around 17% less than men who perform similar work. In addition to lower pay, women are far more likely than men to take time out of the workforce to raise ...

3 years ago

Tips to Prevent Loneliness

Royce Shook · According to Statistics Canada, as many as 1.4 million elderly Canadians report feeling lonely. The city, Vancouver, I live in as a reputation for being less than friendly if you believe the media stories. So is loneliness a problem for seniors in Vancouver. I think it is, based ...

4 years ago

Social Isolation of Seniors Part 1

Royce Shook · Being socially active and connected is at the core of having a good retirement and aging well. Being connected is an important social determinant of health and social connectedness is beneficial to your health. Feelings of loneliness and isolation can lead to serious consequences ...

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