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COVID 19 & DIVORCE in Canada

According to a 2014 Analysis Paper by Statistics Canada, approximately 1.2 million Canadians who had separated or divorced within the last 20 years had at least one child aged 18 years or younger. While it was reported that only 9% of these children share equal living time between the two parents’ homes, 44% of children who live with one parent still spend time with the other.

COVID 19 & DIVORCE in Canada

With no official guidance, parenting measures such as no play dates may cause problems for divorced parents who don’t agree with each other...
National Post, J.Wong

COVID-19 quandary: Is the pandemic making divorce a bigger nightmare?

What type of issues will arise from this situation?

The recent spike in requests for divorce proceedings shows these couples with a previous “normal” schedule of time together based around work, school and weekends have not coped well with the Coronavirus.

Threats & Opportunity management, you decide the scope.

The downturn the stock markets have suffered the last three weeks have also lowered portfolios and heightened attention to how this, if ever, is the right time to file for legal separation from one’s spouse. “If someone has been thinking about getting divorced and has significant assets and/or income that is being negatively impacted, it could be a very favorable time to file for divorce.

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