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4 months ago

5 ways to boost productivity

John Ballem💻(jballem.com) · Simple but Effective Strategies for Increasing Your Productivity at Work · Making the most of your time in today’s always-connected world has never been more challenging. · 1. You’ve got mail! · Don’t allow your overflowing inbox to dictate how you’ll spend your day. Set aside ti ...

5 months ago

How To Stay Organized and Get Things Done!

Jennifer Smythe · By: Jennifer Smythe · Many people feel challenged by all the things on their do list. When you have a lot on the go, it can be difficult to know where to begin. As an admin assistant, my life depends on staying organized and knocking tasks off my list. I thought it would be helpf ...

9 months ago

How AI Can Boost Productivity

Dr. Christopher Zed · Despite the circumstances of the past year, the artificial intelligence market is expected to keep growing. The latest figures show a five-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 17.1%, meaning global revenues will exceed $300 billion in 2024. · There are many theories and spe ...

1 year ago

How to Have a More Productive Career

Justin Shimoon · Oftentimes, when starting a business venture or pursuing a career, habits, not talents, create stumbling blocks. Understanding how to manage the moving parts in conjunction with self-discipline are keys to being successful in any field. · For example, when there are numerous task ...

2 years ago

Focus, Pocus

Royce Shook · Have you ever had to get on with a task or a job and found you could not concentrate, while an Italian student came up with a wonderful process to help him concentrate on getting a task done. Here is how he did it, and how you may be able to use his idea. · Get a basic timer and ...

3 years ago

Do you daydream?

Royce Shook · When I was young, I used to daydream a lot. I remember lying on the grass, daydreaming about the clouds and the stories that the shapes of the clouds created in my mind. I also remember getting in trouble at school, for gazing out the window, thinking of something more pleasant a ...

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