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Cold Hard Reality

Cold Hard Reality

On the week that the Amazon documentary released it's first trailer of the metaphorical train-wreck that has been Tottenham's season, captured as 8 episodes to air later this fall, and on the back of limp lack-luster 0-0 draw against relegation threatened Bournemouth, the question is whether any Spurs fan has the stomach to sit down and relive the season that went South and turned very, very cold.

If Amazon are releasing trailers then the assumption is that the filming has ended, or it better have because it would be all a bit too much should Arsenal wallop Spurs next Sunday. 

If Spurs play an open attacking way in the Pochettino manner, given the lack of confidence permeating the side and the grumblings about contracts, then Arsenal would be able to cut through the Spurs defense at will and it is hard to see anything other than a beat down that would turn that Amazon documentary into a sadistic watch.

Fortunately without having fans in the stadium, the best means of getting any kind of result against Arsenal on Sunday is to employ the drab and gray defensive tactics of a Jose Mourinho style that people attribute to his management. 

That Spurs were not even competitive against Bournemouth in their last match, against a team who had lost five games in a row, speaks to the 9th position Spurs currently hold.  Some newspapers are predicting that Mourinho has realized the mess he has agreed to join and they predict he is looking for his own exit strategy.

It increasingly looks like Spurs will lose Harry Kane and even here the finances are not helped because COVID will be driving down the transfer price. 

Some team out there who are licking their chops and waiting for a bargain world class striker to choose them, will add an extra cost to Spurs - which is the money lost by the team the lower it finishes down the league. 

The irony this year is that the most messed up "big" team in the league historically in the last decade was Leeds United.  Financially messed up and losing spirit like this present Tottenham team, Leeds are finally marching back to the top division.

Leeds dropped out the Premier League at the end of the 2003/04 season - so their fans have had Championship League football for 16 years.  The manager that is bringing them up is ironically the mentor of Spurs former manager Mauricio Pochettino.  Little did he know in this interview when he was referring to Biesla as the "Crazy One" that it will be the "Special One" who replaces him.

It is Marcelo Bielsa who discovered Pochettino and there is somewhat of father/son relationship.  It would be ironic indeed if Leeds United end up finishing higher than Tottenham next year, playing football the way Spurs fans remember it being played. 

Maybe the Amazon documentary about Tottenham's dreadful season may have some cathartic quality but be it that it is airing before the start of a new season - that hardly creates the kind of climate of recovery that Spurs now need.

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CityVP Manjit

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The chief issue is players that were great in an attack minded press strategy are having to re-learn the Mourinho system which is no-nonsense defensive wall from which the team tries to poach a goal on the counter-attack. The problem with it is that it turns Harry Kane into a workhorse in the midfield rather than the pure striking talent that other clubs would pay multi-millions to have. Mourinho is also bringing in an alien culture that goes totally against the grain of the historic philosophy of Spurs "To Dare" - and play attractive football even if it ends up as a loss. Mourinho wants wins and he is OK getting them ugly.

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