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Just concluded a wonderful eight days in Muskoka with my family. In this photo, I am showing Gabriel that while this huge outcropping of the pre-Cambrian shield appears an inhospitable place for anything living it is actually home to many growing organisms. My wife Kate and other son Samuel are just joining the nature talk! 

Just behind our canoe, there are two snapping turtles soaking up the sun.  Oh, here they are now.


We canoed, swam, played tennis, fished every morning, ate way too much and generally reconnected. On the way home today heard a song on the radio that so completely resonated that I needed to share it here.

Will write more in the next few days but for now (and with no intention of cutting @Alan Geller's grass!) please enjoy this version of the spectacular Burt Bacharach tune "What the world needs now is love". Will Young's version may not match up to Dionne Warwick but I love the images in this video and it takes my mind of all of the nonsense occurring with that demento Donald.

Actually, while I have your attention and writing of snapping turtles let me give a big shout out to fellow Beezer and new friend @Jim Murray who is our newest ambassador. We Canucks excel in roles such as this and I know he'll do us all proud. 

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Mohammed Abdul Jawad

5 years ago #4

Don Kerr Good thing to know is that you had good time with your family and kids. Spending time in the Nature's cradle is always an enjoyment!

Kevin Pashuk

5 years ago #3

What a great place to build memories in your boys Don. I was told as a kid that I shouldn't skinny-dip because of snapping turtles. You have to wonder how I grew up normal with a mother like that....

Lisa Gallagher

5 years ago #2

Sounds like you had a great time Don Kerr, it looks beautiful there! Love the song, by the way!

Dean Owen

5 years ago #1

Glad to see the wildlife flourishing! Those snapping turtles would be gone in 60 seconds here in China, ending up in a claypot broth.

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