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Six Easy Ways to Lengthen Your Drive


Golf is probably the only game you can play where taking your turn frequently is really unfavorable. It’s horrible to be the one person in a threesome or foursome that slows everybody down but that’s what happens when your ball is behind everyone else’s. The solution is to hit long drives. The longer the drive, the fewer strokes you will need to get to the hole. Your more talented friends will thank you for keeping up!

If you want to play a more respectable golf game, then try these easy tips:

Change your club. What, you say? Yes. You can spend months trying to adjust your swing, but changing your club to one that gives you more loft is the easiest and fastest way to lengthen your drive. Using a driver with a light weight shaft could increase the length of your drive by 35 yards. You may also want to consider using a driver with a shorter shaft as well.  You may need to get professionally fitted for better clubs, or you may find the right club is in your bag already. Experiment and see how easy it is to master the art of loft!

Work to your strengths, rather than your weaknesses. Decide if it is better to work on your speed or your power. Big people have a lot more power behind them than light, lean people, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have an advantage or a disadvantage as golfers. Lighter weight people can build speed more easily. If your advantage is being light weight, then practice developing your speed. If your advantage is being a powerful hitter, then practice hitting even harder. 

Check your balls. Okay, I know that sounds funny and that’s why I put it there. Golf balls may look pretty much the same, but they are not, and they don’t perform the same way for everyone, either. Consider getting a professional ball fitting. Try a few out and see which works best for you. Also, when you hit the ball, swing your club up from the inside. That will give you more distance by causing it to bore through the air more efficiently. 

Play the same course over and over again. The more you get to know a course, the better you will become at knowing where your trouble zones are. Knowing where and how to land your ball will shave quite a few strokes off your game. 

Hit the ball center face. Practice hitting your ball right in the center. You can mark your club with chalk to see where you are making contact. Practice with slow, easy swings and then once you’ve mastered hitting the center, add speed. You’ll see a big improvement.

Stay Calm. Golf has a way of getting people all twisted and angry. If you let yourself go there, your game will not get any better. The mental aspect of golf is actually way more important than the physical aspect, because no matter how well you master the physical, a negative mindset will throw you off every time.

Golf is meant to be fun and relaxing. Enjoy the scenery. Enjoy the challenge and enjoy a round in the clubhouse when you’re done!

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