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Writing a letter

Writing a letter

One skill I used to teach was how to write a letter. I taught how the opening should look, the sturdy middle and the great close. I showed students the differences between different letters, personal business, marketing, thank-you letter, etc. Today Group chats with your best friends, emails with your mom, and sending a quick text has become so commonplace that sitting down to write a letter, sealing it in an envelope, finding a stamp, and then going for a short walk to drop it in a mailbox can seem like too much work. So much work, in fact, that a 2021 CBS News survey reported that 37% of Americans say they haven’t sent a personal letter through the mail in over five years, and 15% have never sent one at all.

This is not something that can be blamed on millennials, as letter writing is a hobby that’s falling out of favour in every age group, but there might be a reason to resuscitate it.

Beyond the fact, it simply feels nice to get anything beyond coupons and bills in the mail. There are certainly psychological benefits to sending one.

According to research published by Science Direct, expressive writing has been proven to increase resilience to negative emotions and situations, foster a sense of accomplishment, and deepen the connection between sender and recipient.


Royce Shook

11 months ago #2

@John Rylance  When I write a personal letter I always handwrite it as I think they are more appreciated. I do type all other letters as my handwriting is only appreciated by those who have good skills at deciphering.

John Rylance

11 months ago #1

Even more of a rarity is the handwritten letter.

Still enjoyed often evoking the response They took the trouble to write.

Much more appreciated than a “ hastily” dashed off e-mail or text message. That maybe harsh but we've all done it well I have.

So much mail now is computer generated  standard letters with appropriate changes. 

I have had such letters which have started with Dear and followed by one of the following J , JR,  John, John Rylance. Rylance John, often repeated throughout the letter. On one occasion there were different names in the body of the letter. 

Like the joke of being three people me myself and I, I answer/repy to all the different Dears

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