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About me:

I am a husband and a father. I am a believer in work/life integration. I am an author, a professional writer and branding consultant who also writes about everyday events. I try always to maintain a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity. I sometimes succeed. I always keep coming back for more.


B.A. Mt. Allison University


DON KERR, Vice President/Chief Marketing Officer

I lead the marketing and content creation programs for Wake Up Kate Marketing and traditional advertising (print, OOH, broadcast), direct marketing, PR, media outreach, blogging, and copywriting. I am also the active CEO of Don Kerr Writes, a storytelling and copywriting agency.

I apply 30-years of relevant experience to creating purposeful connections between corporations and their customers.  My work is founded upon establishing a compelling emotional connection between the brand and its stakeholders revolving around the three principles of effective brand expression:  Clarity. Simplicity. Wit. 

I am a father, a husband and a voraciously curious reader.

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