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  • Person Centred Support

    at Christian Horizons

    2015 - 2015 (1 year) Ontario

  • BSC Science

    at SMU

    1970 - 1973 (3 years) Ontario

  • BSc Science

    at Saint Mary's University

    1969 - 1972 (3 years) Nova Scotia

Services offered

  • Helping Entrepreneurs Starting up and Small Businesses Management

    My name is Don and I have been working in the small business community for 30+ years. I'm focused on helping entrepreneurs starting up and small businesses management navigate strategy, and day-to-day business growth in this ever changing and challenging business world. Passionate about Innovation and Trust

    Go-Givers International Small Business Goals:

    Create value in such a way that your prospects, customers and clients will be attracted to do business with you; to buy more from you and to refer you to others.

    Touch lots of lives with the exceptional value you provide. As you know, your income is determine by how many people you serve, as well as how well you serve them.

    Build networks. Expand your network of Personal Walking Ambassadors on a world-wide basis, drawing upon the information, relationships and wisdom from the community of talented Go-Givers.

    Be Real. Yes, be comfortable with bringing YOUR best, authentic self to the table. And, we do that by learning, growing, and improving continually.

    Stay open to the abundance that is your birthright. Never again struggle with money because we’ll look at how and why it works, and how and why you are able to attract more and more of it your way.

    I believe in making the place you live the place you love. My passion is to help people transform their lives in four areas; Healthy Homes, Healthy Bodies, Healthy Animals and Healthy Gardens. Your going to love the Articles, Videos and Blogs! There is something for everyone here.

  • Front Line Support Professional

    A definite shift is taking place among medical doctors in North America and other industrialized nations from the specialized areas of practice toward a more holistic approach to health and healing. Many MDs are becoming disillusioned with their limited field of expertise, which mainly consists of conducting blood tests, giving EKGs, using scalpels, or prescribing pills for diagnosed symptoms of illness.


  • English Native

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