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1 year ago

What is Old?

Royce Shook · I have asked this question before are you old, a senior, a Zoomer or a Boomer. I was struck by how we use the word old or elder when we were examining some of our workshop material. The word old, with its connotations of deterioration and obsolescence, doesn’t capture the many di ...

2 years ago

Attitudes, behaviors and lifestyle impact ideas about inheritance

Royce Shook · While seniors often take pride in living frugally to provide for their loved ones after they have passed on, Boomers have grown up understanding there is a direct correlation between hard work and rewards, and may, therefore, believe that hard-earned rewards should be enjoyed. · ...

3 years ago

The Boomer Goes To Hell & Back

Jim Murray · The Boomer, like just about everybody else these days, is subject to the odd fit of insanity. And who can blame us, because our brains have been, especially over the past year, totally overloaded with crap. · There are all kinds of crap that can invade your head if you let it. Al ...

3 years ago

Boomers are starting stage two of retirement

Royce Shook · The fact that the first of the Baby Boomers turn 72 this year may be of interest to the pundits and those who want to make more about the aging of the boomers. These people will carry on conversations that are of little interest to us.  What is exciting to me is that as we turn 7 ...

4 years ago

The Boomer Takes A Christmas Stay-Cation

Jim Murray · The Boomer works primarily on his own so there’s really no one to tell him when to work or when to goof off. That’s completely up to him. · All week long he has a big long list of things to do. Working with a lady like Charlene Norman will do that to you. But on Saturday, he park ...

4 years ago

The Boomer In Autumn

Jim Murray · In October, every damn October that he can remember, the Boomer gets a cold. And for two weeks he gets to feel like 10 lbs of crap in a 5 lb bag. · The first week of the Boomer’s cold is spent in a blur of coughing, headaches, sinus pain, sleeplessness and nose blowing. He has le ...

4 years ago

Learning Music as a Boomer/Senior

Royce Shook · We were deep in conversation, about this and that and the discussion drifted to music and creating music. I was asked how my son and his band were doing, and then the questions became focused on the skills involved in creating music, one of the questions asked was “how do people ...

4 years ago

What’s Next on Baby Boomers’ To-Do Lists? Time to Think About Our Succession Plans

Jim Taggart · I admit to being a task-oriented type of guy, despite being known for generating ideas and preferring the big-picture over details. And as a Boomer in his early sixties, I’ve been down the proverbial “Been-there, done (most of) that” routines. Let’s take a look, and if you’re a B ...

4 years ago

The Boomer Psychoanalyzes America

Jim Murray · This is the 10th post in this particular series. You can read the others at: https://www.bebee.com/@jim-murray · Last night the Boomer and his partner Blondie attended a networking group at a sports bar. · There he met a woman, more or less in his profession, and had an interesti ...

4 years ago

Boomer women and marriage

Royce Shook · The Center for Retirement Research asked women about marriage, and I thought the results were very interesting. You can download the full report here · Traditionally, women spent their adult lives married, so it made more sense to study households rather than women separately. T ...

4 years ago

The Boomer’s Got Rhythm…How About You?

Jim Murray · This is the 9th post in this particular series. You can read the other at: https://www.bebee.com/@jim-murray · The Boomer has been left to his own devices for the weekend. Besides drafting the opening chapter of a novella he is playing with, he has not written anything meaningful ...

4 years ago

The Boomer Discovers The Real America

Jim Murray · It’s Saturday night. The Boomer and his wife don’t feel like doing much so they crank up the PVR and watch this week’s installment of America’s Got Talent. · This is one of the Boomer’s favorite shows. He has been watching it for a couple of years now and while he can barely reme ...

4 years ago

The Boomer Reflects On The Nature Of His Beast

Jim Murray · On Quitting · The Boomer has never thought about retiring. · The reason for this is simple. He would not know what to do with his time. Therefore, he would write, and because he has been a professional writer all his adult life, he would eventually figure out some way to monet ...

4 years ago

The Boomer Says "Say Cheese".

Jim Murray · (Thanks to Charlene Norman for sharing her delicious birthday cake with me and for inspiring this post) · The Boomer has been a writer of one kind of another since he was about 18 years old, which makes that a very long time. · But in the process of mastering his craft, he also m ...

4 years ago

The Boomer Never Knows When It's Friday

Jim Murray · Today is, evidently Friday, but you would never know that if you were in the Boomers head. · He has been working 7 days a week for so long than he no longer keeps track of what day it is. In fact he is almost completely reliant on the Reminders program in his Mac to let him know ...

4 years ago

The Boomer Shrinks A Head

Jim Murray · The Boomer has a sister, who is also a boomer, with whom he is very close. · It wasn’t always that way though but mostly it was. When they were kids they fought like cats and dogs, but then how many siblings didn’t? · The Boomer’s sister recently lost her husband, who was a good ...

4 years ago

The Boomer Sees The Darkness & The Light

Jim Murray · This is the third installment in my latest series of posts that hopefully describe what like is like for a professional communications writer in the 21st century. You can find links to the other posts in this series at the end of this post. · The Boomer started blogging back in 1 ...

4 years ago

The Boomer Takes A Stay-cation

Jim Murray · My dear friend Shelley Brown, ever the wit and also the inspiration for this series, has started calling me the Boomur. I kinda like it although it’s maybe a little to specific for these posts. But it's always good to have a nickname. · There was a time when the Boomer lived an o ...

4 years ago

The Boomer In The Morning

Jim Murray · This is, or at the very least could be, the start of a new series of posts about the writer’s life. This writer in particular. Part of the reason for doing this is to wean myself off writing about American politics, which has become so absurd that it’s barely worth paying attenti ...

5 years ago

Concerns of Boomers

Royce Shook · Back in 1990, when I was running my own business and teaching seminars, I incorporated the following information (not in italics) on what I thought Baby Boomers would do/need in the future into my seminars; recently I read "Generation Reinvention" and Business: Opportunities for ...

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