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1 year ago

The evolution of what motivates

Graham🐝 Edwards ·

1 year ago
2 years ago

Retirement reinvent yourself

Royce Shook · I have been retired since 2014, I actually quit work and went back from 2006 until 2014, which took me on an interesting journey. For many people, retirement is the end of their working life. My wife retired and did not go back, or miss work. My mother-in-law retired from one job ...

2 years ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray ·

2 years ago

The Leaking American Dream

Robert Cormack · Notes on the pandemic, lockdowns and baby carriages. · “Freedom is something that dies unless it’s used.” Hunter S. Thompson · As we go back into lockdown (not a prediction, bubba, we’re going whether we like it or not), let’s reflect on the American dream and this pandemic. As a ...

3 years ago

It is nice to be popular..

Royce Shook · When I was growing up and still to this day, I use the saying “It is nice to be popular, but it is hell to be the rage.” I am involved in many activities as I am sure most of you are. Over time I have discovered the gift of being able to say no to those activities that are intere ...

3 years ago

The Full Circle Of the American Dream

Jim Murray · Hopefully this will be one of the last political posts of the Trump era. Because more than anything, I would like to see the US get back to where it was at the end of the Obama years, building toward the future and not mired in the past in the hands of old men with nothing but th ...

3 years ago

Living the dream

Royce Shook · It's not the dazzling voice that makes a singer, or clever stories that make a writer. And it's not piles of money that make a tycoon. All of this helps when we are searching for success. Having talent is a good start to success. However, we all know that there are many amazing s ...

3 years ago

Day dreaming

Royce Shook · When I was younger, I used to daydream and every now and then I would get in trouble for it. Usually, the people who thought I should be doing more productive things were adults who, I believed had lost their ability to dream. Dreamers are important for our society without them w ...

4 years ago

What dream lives on in me?

Royce Shook · For as long as a dream lives inside of you, there's a plan for its time in space. A is a cherished hope; ambition; aspiration. A cherished hope of mine and many of you I think is to be able to contribute a sense of legacy including values, principles and ethics to my grandson so ...

4 years ago

I can dream can't I?

Royce Shook · When you dream at night, can anything happen next? Yes, of course, it can, dreams are stories we tell ourselves when we sleep. Dreams are collections of clips, images, feelings, and memories that involuntarily occur during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of rest. We typically ...

5 years ago

Dreams are worth shit...

Graham🐝 Edwards · With full disclosure this isn’t about self-reflection, disillusionment with my lot, or wanting something so badly but never achieving it — in some ways it’s really a simple “bait and switch”. I suppose I should have titled this “Dreams are worth shit unless you actually do someth ...

5 years ago


Royce Shook · My young friend was telling us about her cousin, who had a brain tumour and he had walked out before the doctors could tell him he had only 2 months to live. His partner stayed and made the decision not to tell him the bad news. Her cousin is getting chemo and believes, wrongly t ...

5 years ago

All you can do is dance

Royce Shook · We all work hard to achieve our goals, we sacrifice, we worry, we wonder if we will ever achieve our dreams. Those of us who are visual, visualize and make our dreams come to life, through images and video. Others of us, who are auditory, create a sound stage on which we listen t ...

5 years ago

What we have in common

Royce Shook · Happy July 4th to my American friends. Right · now your country is having some problems that it will overcome in time. But as your country struggles to find balance, · one of the many issues it is facing is the fact that many · have lost sight of what we have in common, and are f ...

6 years ago

The Boomer Discovers The Real America

Jim Murray · It’s Saturday night. The Boomer and his wife don’t feel like doing much so they crank up the PVR and watch this week’s installment of America’s Got Talent. · This is one of the Boomer’s favorite shows. He has been watching it for a couple of years now and while he can barely reme ...

6 years ago

Attach to your dreams

Royce Shook · When your dreams or "end results" are stated generally, in broad brush strokes, like wealth and abundance, friends and laughter, health and harmony, then please, by all means, attach yourself to them. Attach, attach, attach. There is no limit to what you can have and no reason to ...

6 years ago

When I was young

Royce Shook · When I was young I had many dreams, but one of my dreams was about perfection, imagination, and realisation. And because it was my dream and I had faith in myself, I knew it would inevitably come true. And every manifestation would be exactly as it should be. Every detail part of ...

7 years ago

We hold faith

Royce Shook · For we that live, when we lose someone to death, death becomes a storehouse of discontinued dreams, of unanswered questions, of unfulfilled dreams and desires, of unanswered problems of regrets and remorse, self-hate, self-love or unjustified guilt and shame. · When someone dies, ...

7 years ago


Royce Shook · This is the time of renewal,  · fall is fading,  · winter is drawing near.  · We will soon be in the darkness of winter  · when dreamers  · dream of renewal  · lovers dream of love  · poets and writers dream--just dream. · While dreams are just dreams · sometimes they can come tr ...

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