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5 months ago

Carbon Neutral Beer- Now you can enjoy a cold one without the guilty eco-conscience…

Lina Chan · Carbon Neutral Beer- Now you can enjoy a cold one without the guilty eco-conscience… · With the rise of climate change concerns, calls for action and sustainability, consumers are demanding transparency and eco-consciousness in all aspects of their life. For some, this even inclu ...

7 months ago

An Update On The Screen Story I'm Writing

Jim Murray · So for the last couple of months I have been busy writing a screen story for an idea I had while I was in the hospital. It’s about a couple of things. Mainly it’s about eco terrorism. But it’s also a character study of a young sniper who finds himself conscripted into the war on ...

2 years ago

The Only Issue The World Needs To Deal With...Now!

Jim Murray · If you are not living in a cave in Borneo, or maybe even if you are, and you’re not some sort of zombie or brain dead idiot, you will appreciate that there is one overarching issue that the world has to deal with, and that is climate change. · The reason this is the only issue ...

3 years ago

The Importance of Sustainability in Urban Development

Sol Trickey · Originally published on SolTrickey.net · Sustainability. It’s a term that gets tossed around a lot as society shifts their focus from the present to the future. Articles about eco-friendly products and agricultural advancements flood the internet on a daily basis. But what about ...

4 years ago

Lessons in Teamwork: Winning Despite Trenchfoot, Leeches and Hunger

Jim Taggart · Many years ago, I watched Eco-Challenge 2000 on the Discovery Channel (a show that ran from 1995 to 2002), a fascinating event encompassing teamwork and leadership. This was my first experience watching Eco-Challenge, the highlights of which were broadcast over five evenings. I w ...

5 years ago

Today I Explore The Truth. A Tall Order At The Best of Times.

Jim Murray · Look out kid · You're gonna get hit · But losers, cheaters · Six-time users · Hang around the theaters · Girl by the whirlpool is · Lookin' for a new fool · Don't follow leaders · Watch the parkin' meters · Bob Dylan, Subterranean Homesick BluesOver the course of my op/ed writing ...

5 years ago

The Greater Ecology

CityVP Manjit · It is time I paid greater attention to college toastmasters again because in a buzz by Sara Jacobovici it reminded me of desire to recognize the greater ecology of each system that I am either a member or a part of.  At the college level this means recognizing the ecology of the ...

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