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5 months ago

Jean’s Version

Ash Wellesley · A short story by: Ash Wellesley · I recently posted a short story called My Friend Jimmy that was well received in the beBee community. This is the second part of the story.  Here is the link to the first, in case you missed it. ·   · You’re asking me about the accident? I’m caug ...

7 months ago

Review: Truth is in the House

Norm Goldman · Michael J. Coffinos's Truth is in the House spins a tale focusing on the lives of two households, one black, the Jacksons, formerly from Dublin, Mississippi, and the other, white, the O'Farrells from New York. The setting begins in the late 1950s, continues during the 1960s and e ...

3 years ago

MUSICAL DECADES - 1950s - Christmas Music

Dominique 🐝 Petersen · Time for another round of Christmas songs, this time form the 1950s. These are the songs that I grew up with and they bring back so many memories. By the way, if you missed Christmas Music from the 1940s, click here. · Harry Lillis "Bing" Crosby, Jr. (May 3, 1903 – October 14, 19 ...

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