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9 months ago

Positive thoughts count down to xmas 2

Royce Shook · To touch someone with kindness is to change someone forever. · Because for everyone you touch, you also reach everyone they will ever know. And everyone they will ever know. And everyone they will ever know. And so, for the rest of all time, your kindness will be felt, in waves t ...

9 months ago

Positive thoughts count down to xmas 4

Royce Shook · Imagine the joy, the peace, and the complete sense of satisfaction you would find at this time of year. · The holidays are an amazing time filled with joy, family, food, and feasting. However, these events aren’t just about the holiday season. They shape who we are and what we do ...

1 year ago

A Simple Act of Joy

Renée 🐝 Cormier · I was driving home recently when I discovered something very unique and powerful. It was a simple act of joy from a guy who probably had the most boring and unrewarding job on the planet. He was holding a road sign and directing traffic past a construction crew. As each car passe ...

2 years ago

Post from Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman

Franci 🐝Eugenia Hoffman ·

2 years ago

Have you lost your religion?

Royce Shook · No matter what your faith is or is not, no matter where in the world you are, I want you to know that during special times of the year your beliefs will be with you. In the eyes of every child and the melody of every song. Small children show us every day the love they share for ...

4 years ago

Do you play?

Royce Shook · As I watch the grandkids in the garden, running through the sprinkler I am delighted by their sense of fun and adventure. I got to thinking as adults how often do we experience that same joy and stress? In times of play which can bring us great stress and/or great joy, we are com ...

4 years ago

The Joy of Joy

Renée 🐝 Cormier · I don't think there is a more joyful creature on this earth than my dog when he is carrying a stick. I get a real kick out of experiencing his exuberance. It reminds me of how contagious our emotions are and how sensitive we can be to the energy that is around us. · Knowing this, ...

5 years ago

The Joys of Gardening

Royce Shook · If you are not a gardener, you may wonder why this hobby has become so popular even with people who have the resources to go to the grocery and get food with much less effort. Perhaps much of the joy that comes from gardening originated in the baby boomer values that came from th ...

5 years ago

The Joy of Tracking

CityVP Manjit · First one should read this : · China’s CCTV surveillance network took just 7 minutes to capture BBC reporter · Is this an Orwellian nightmare, or a way to sleep easier at night knowing facial recognition technology aided by artificial intelligence can pinpoint anyone within site ...

6 years ago

Spring Renewal

Royce Shook · As we move into Spring, out of the depths of winter I am enjoying the west coast sunshine (read rain) and I am looking forward with joy to Spring with its stunning colours, wildly serrated edges, oceans of emotion, mountains of possibilities, worlds of talent, and complex energie ...

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