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3 months ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · THE NEW LEPER COLONY · Traveling around social media I'm starting to see a different sentiment regarding those who remain un-vaccinated against Covid. This sentiment can be expressed be best summed up in two words. Fuck'em. · Now that the vaccine has been approved by the almighty ...

8 months ago

Here's To The Heroes

Jim Murray · We spend a lot of emotional currency caring for other people in our lives. Some of us even go the extra mile and care about people who aren’t in their lives, but out there somewhere and in need of caring for. · These are people I admire. There’s a selflessness that caring people ...

10 months ago

The Fine Art Of Surviving The Near Future.

Jim Murray · My son, who is one of the more pragmatic people in my life, came over today to drop some stuff off and have a bit of a chat. · We talked about a number of different things, and eventually the conversation got around to the Covid pandemic, which I call the Plague. · One of the tra ...

1 year ago

The First Snowfall & Other Fond Memories

Jim Murray · Late November. The whole world is still carefully moving along. Citizens everywhere masked up to try their best to dodge the invisible bug. · It’s a strange world that this has become. Where absolutes seem to be replacing approximates. Where the things we worried about were just ...

1 year ago

Volume 8: A Mini-Survival Guide For the Brave New World

Jim Murray · The world is in a state of turmoil. People are dying from a virus we really don’t have control over. The economy is upside down. There is political turmoil everywhere blowing things apart at the same time as technology is bringing everyone together. · And on top of that, complete ...

3 years ago

The Plague of Worry

Royce Shook · My generations are no strangers to worry. It seems from the first decade we began to become aware of the world, there were big things to worry about. We were the generation to grow up with a reality that world destruction is possible at the hands of a man-made weapon that did exi ...

3 years ago

How & Why to Avoid Certain MBAs like the Plague

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · Most MBAs are Masters of Business Administration. Those MBAs are good. The other MBAs, the Major Bullshit Artists, are another story altogether. I’ve been lucky, I rarely bump into those. . . until now. · I recently started a new business unit attached to my consultancy for the r ...

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