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1 year ago

The New normal?

Royce Shook · Every day is a new adventure or it was, now for many of us each day is more of the same routine and it is hard to get motivated to do anything. One way to get motivated is to ask yourself “What are your priorities for the day?”  If you are a list maker create your list so you can ...

1 year ago

Should you re-examine your priorities?

Royce Shook · Over this difficult time, you may have been in the process of re-examining your priorities. If you have not been doing that, maybe it is time to consider doing that, or if you have examined your priorities I invite you to reexamine them.   · When you look at what's on the list, a ...

4 years ago

THE Two Best Ways to Stay Focussed

Charlene Norman · I confess: I can be very annoying. I set goals and then often either beat the timetable or get ten things done instead of just one. Depending where you sit, it can be very annoying or very exhilerating. I have two secrets: Never do more than three things at a time and always have ...

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