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11 months ago

The Best Christmas Of My Young Life

Jim Murray · Before the end of our innocence. Before JFK and RFK and MLK and their assassinations. Before the counterculture revolution and the Vietnam war and Reagan and the great divide that grew up like a jagged wall in society. Before the majority of people who are reading this were even ...

1 year ago

Volume 5: Young Wallander, Redemption by David Baldacci & Raptors

Jim Murray · This week was significant for me, in that I finally started to feel like I had adjusted to being home and almost immediately re-adjusted my focus back to getting on my feet again. · I attacked all my exercises with a renewed sense of purpose and very quickly after that started t ...

2 years ago

The Orville: Way Too Good To Die This Young

Jim Murray · TV has always had its share of ‘culty’ series. A little off the beaten path like Northern Reflections, or sometimes a lot, like Twin Peaks and The Prisoner. · These are the kinds of shows that I have always been attracted to, mainly because they sat outside the mainstream of what ...

3 years ago

Looking Young and Feeling Young

Royce Shook · We may not have a corner on the market for an urgent desire to stay youthful but we certainly have set a high standard for creating a virtual avalanche of products and services to attend to that need. · The quest to look young in my age group has resulted in an explosion of profi ...

4 years ago

What can you do to celebrate Canada's 150th Birthday?

Royce Shook · Canada will be 150 in July, so now is the time to start planning what you will do for our big party. So if you are a Canadian get involved, if you are thinking of visiting Canada, this would be a great year as you could help us celebrate our birthday.   Below are some ideas. · Co ...

5 years ago

The Young to the Young

CityVP Manjit · One of the pleasant surprises I have got from joining our specific club is that I am now genuinely learning from millennials who are not trying to be millennials.  I simply come from a generation that seems to love having labels for things and right now, the young people in the c ...

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