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| paint myself black like a soldier

| sneak through the jungle in the night
I make lists of all the public enemies
One for the left, another for the right.

It doesn’t seem to matter much anymore
Which way your politics happen to lean
There are so many ways to be buried alive
So many maniacs and their manic dreams

Some people call me a killer

But | do what | must to survive
Some say I'll never be happy until
| bury the whole world alive

But it doesn’t matter much anymore

Who is righteous and who is wrong

So many sharp points to any point of view
So many maniacs coming on strong

Nobody gives a goddamn anymore

It’s just another bullet to the brain

The glazed eyes are a dead giveaway

The thin wall between people and their pain

Yeah, it doesn’t matter much anymore
There are no drugs left to get us high
The only thing we pray for is absolution
So many maniacs waiting to die


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