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1 day ago


Jim Murray ·

1 week ago

Hold On To Me

Jim Murray · I don't write a lot of lyrics that could be classed as love songs. But every now and then one pops out.

1 week ago

Somewhwere Along The Line

Jim Murray · We all go through periods where we feel completely lost. It's part of growing up and growing into whatever it is you were meant to be. I went through that and though it was desolate and painful, I came through the other side of it a better person, at least I think I did. This is ...

1 month ago

Things Lost & Found: Part 5 - Magic

Jim Murray · Other posts in this series can be found · at https://ca.bebee.com/bee/jim-murray/blog · Sixteen months ago I was operated on to remove an e-coli infection that had lodged itself in my upper spine. In order to stabilize the part of the spine that was effected the surgeon had to p ...

7 months ago

Something That Should Be Important To Everyone

Jim Murray · I spent about 4 months in the hospital in the first half of last year. And it gave me a lot of time to think. · I thought about what was important to me going forward, and one of the conclusions I came to was that the continued health and well being of everyone on this planet is ...

7 months ago

Small Business Marketing & Communication Volume 16: A Few Object Lessons From The Creative World

Jim Murray · Last week I had to delete from my life a consultant who asked me to design a web site and create a logo and positioning for them which I was happy to do. · This consultant then told me they were working on the content, which I insisted they write anyway because of the nature of ...

8 months ago

Here's To The Heroes

Jim Murray · We spend a lot of emotional currency caring for other people in our lives. Some of us even go the extra mile and care about people who aren’t in their lives, but out there somewhere and in need of caring for. · These are people I admire. There’s a selflessness that caring people ...

9 months ago

Do You Believe In Magic?

Jim Murray · I believe in magic. I have no real proof to substantiate this belief, just the feeling that it exists, and it exists all over the place. · I’m not talking about the magic that illusionists perform, although I certainly believe in the cleverness with which that magic is performed ...

11 months ago

A Game of Inches

Jim Murray · Some days you wake up filled with hope and other days you wake up filled with fear. · We live in a world of extremes. A world that many of us cannot control and feel frustrated by. A world that very much appears to be spinning into oblivion. And may very well be. · But despite ...

1 year ago

My Renewables Sector Project And How You Can Help Me Build It

Jim Murray · I am currently working on my 9th post in a new series I call Brand New Day. · In it I am writing about some of the many developments in the renewables sector, which is likely to be the next big wave in the world wide business, if it isn’t there now. · I Could Use A Little Help · ...

1 year ago

Ten Things I Hope The World Can Start To Realize In 2020 And Beyond.

Jim Murray · I just spent Christmas day with all the people who matter most to me in my life, and it kind of got me thinking about the things that are important in this life. · Contrary to popular belief, life is amazingly short. I have been around for more than 70 years now and it just seems ...

1 year ago

10 Pieces of Advice That Will Help You Be The Kind Of Client That Creative People Love

Jim Murray · You’re probably a pretty good innovator, a great sales guy and a generally inspired business person. But to most creative people, you’re the person who is standing in the way of getting things done right. · It’s not that creative people don’t respect your point of view, or can’t ...

2 years ago

The Imbalance

Jim Murray · I woke up this morning feeling a bit sad about the world. · I was sad because, whether I like it or not, I look around at the world and am filled with this feeling that it is no longer moving forward to the degree that it needs to in order to become a unified force for good. · In ...

3 years ago

Anthony Bourdain RIP

Jim Murray · I was so saddened by the passing of Anthony Bourdain. He was one amazing dude who opened up the world and showed it for what it really is...the delicious endless variety of tastes and smells and textures. This poem is for Anthony. · I USED TO BE A POET · I used to be a poet · ...

3 years ago

How Did It Come To This?

Jim Murray · There’s an hour or so when you’re trying to get to sleep and you think about things with a certain amount of clarity. · The day has come to the point where you can’t really do anything to alter it, and so your mind kind of wanders. · Last night my mind wandered into a question. H ...

3 years ago

I Used To Be A Poet

Jim Murray · Writers will understand this. Every once in a while a thought enters your head that is fully formed. All you have to do is write it down. · I USED TO BE A POET · I used to be a poet · Way back in the day · Long before the sleek · Looking machinery · That manufactures words · At ...

3 years ago

Why You Should, First and Foremost, Write For Yourself

Jim Murray · Like most things in life that last the affair that a writer has with writing starts innocently enough. · It could be the lilt of a classical poem, or a line from a book that you read and knew you would read a dozen times before you your life was through. It could be a turn of phr ...

3 years ago

The End Of The Innocence

Jim Murray · “O' beautiful, for spacious skies · But now those skies are threatening · They're beating plowshares into swords · For this tired old man that we elected king · Armchair warriors often fail · And we've been poisoned by these fairy tales · The lawyers clean up all details · Since ...

3 years ago

Is Social Media Killing Genuine Philosophical Thought?

Jim Murray · If you can believe it this is the 32nd Edition of this column started by Phil and I way back in the days when blogging in the Lumpy Kingdom actually got you some readership. Since then we have discovered that you actually reach more people on LinkedIn with op-ed blogs by posting ...

4 years ago

Shortest Rant Ever

Jim Murray · I was going to write a rant today. It was going to be a blistering diatribe about something that was really pissing me off. · But as I opened the Pages file to get started, I realized that I was breaking my own cardinal rule. · Why? Because I didn't have any idea what I was going ...

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