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Healthy Ageing 2

Back in 2011, the Ministry of Health for British Columbia looked at what the literature said about healthy ageing. Here is some of what was in this report which was called Planning for Healthy Ageing A Literature Review, written by Eleanor Kallio, Senior Policy Analyst, Research, Knowledge Translation and Library Services Branch, Planning and Innovation Division, Ministry of Health, Victoria, British Columbia, published in 2011


The majority of older adults live in their own homes and would prefer to stay there as long as possible. Both the home physical environment and surrounding environment play roles in healthy ageing. Safe, appropriate housing has features that support optimum independence, even if changes in function or ability occur. In the surrounding environment, neighbourhoods that are perceived as safe and offer walking routes to local services and parks encourage residents to rely less on their cars. Many older adults are realizing the benefits of living close to essential services and are leaving suburban and rural areas for the city.

The sooner older adults assess their living environment, the easier it will be to make changes or adaptations to support healthy ageing. If they remain until their home is no longer suitable and must move, their housing options will narrow, and they may be less able to adapt. Studies show the longer older adults remain at home, the less likely it is that they’ll move, because of financial, emotional and logistical barriers, even if the home becomes unsuitable.


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Royce Shook

2 years ago #3

The government of the day just wanted to know what was available. The government then appointed a senior's advocate in 2015 to monitor the situation and the new government elected in 2016 statted to explore more options and may if they are re-elected move on some of them. I won't hold my breath.

John Rylance

2 years ago #2

My cynical side says Ministrys don't offer options or solutions as that would cost them money. If we don't know what could be on offer we won't know to ask for it.

Ken Boddie

2 years ago #1

Interesting observations from the Ministry of Health but no options or solutions are offered.

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