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Living in the present.

The best remedy for dealing with a troubling past and an uncertain future is living in the present.

I was going to post this yesterday which was Monday in my time zone, but I was lost in time.

Today is Monday morning. I know there aren't too many people who are excited about Monday mornings.

It means back to work.

It means the weekend is over.

And what's worse, Monday morning means it will be another five days until the next weekend!

The thoughts about how bad Monday can keep coming and you may not want to face the day.

If you're in agreement, stop and realize all of that you’re falling into the trap of assuming that waking up today was a given. Surprise, it is not.

Your unspoken thought goes something like: "Of course I woke up today - I've woken up every other day of my life."

This sort of entitlement assumption is a hallmark of a mindset that says we are going to survive the day. Many don’t. Life is unfair, so maybe when waking up on a Monday morning or any morning, you could be thinking, I made it through the night, and I may have another day. It really helps to realize that today wasn't owed to you or to me.

It sounds crazy, but try it - it's much harder to waste my day away when I think of it as something gifted to me by life.




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Alan Culler

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Here Here, Royce!

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