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Love Hate Love Songs

This is LOVE! Capital letters and exclamation mark included. · All things considered it’s a pretty damned exciting feeling. The sheer exhilarating rush of love and lust and desire and anticipation and kissing and touching and closeness and all that stuff is some huge, almighty ru ...

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Music in mind

Music has been many things. An escape, a motivation and an inspiration. An aural journey that started with early tracks from Buddy Holly to the likes of Springsteen, The Highwaymen, Blondie, Talking Heads, Eric Bogle and the classical music that sneaked in later. · Music though, ...

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What Is It that Inspires You?

Source: pixabay.com OK, it doesn't have to be something to gets you jumping in the countryside, but you know what I mean. What's this that gets your inspiration batteries charged? For some people, it's some creative endeavor, while for others, it's a productive day at their proje ...

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Post from Zacharias 🐝 Voulgaris


This is an oldie and frankly, I’ve gotten tired of it, both playing it and listening to it. In any case, as I was organizing my media files I came across this track and decided to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it. Cheers!

PS - this is copyrighted and I'd rather you don't share it with anyone else.

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Darkness on the Edge of (London) Town

1984/85 was my final year of high school. I was no great student, didn’t like school and was a shy, insecure outsider. I did a sixth year because I had no idea what the hell, I was going to do with myself after school, and the traditional options had been eliminated by the Thatch ...

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Javier Cámara-Rica 🐝🇪🇸

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Jim Murray


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How Bob Dylan Made Me What I Am Today.

Bob Dylan turned 81 years old on May 24. And because he has been a constant in my life for the past 16 year, this is a tribute him. Happy Birthday, Bob. · I don’t have many heroes. But I have a few and highest ranked among them is Bob Dylan. The reason he is my hero is that it wa ...

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