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3 weeks ago

Just an observation

Jim Murray ·

3 years ago

The No-News Diet

Jim Murray · I have stopped watching the news over the past couple of weeks or so. · I do this occasionally to take a break from all the BS that they hurl at you about how screwed up everything is and who did what to who and is getting away with it, and all the nonsensical politics in the wor ...

4 years ago

When Media Leadership = Zero: Fox News’ Incompetent Troika

Jim Taggart · As an equal opportunity consumer of news, I make a point of reading, viewing and listening to divergent sources on TV, print, radio, and online. Podcasts became an add-on a year ago. While a centrist politically, and having voted regularly for 45 years, it’s important for me to g ...

5 years ago

The Inherent Evils Of The Court Of Public Opinion (COPO)

Jim Murray · One of the most damaging side effects of the culture that has evolved over the past several decades or so is the willingness of people to make superficial judgements. · Phrases like ‘tried in the court of public opinion’ have been bandied about for years. But it's only since the ...

5 years ago

Politics, News & Addiction

Jim Murray · Anyone who follows my rants and some of my longer format posts will know that I am busting my ass to get past the obsessive compulsive tendencies I tend to exhibit when it comes to politics and the media. · The trouble us that these days, politics is the gift that keeps on givin ...

5 years ago

The Highlights Of My Trump Free Weekend

Jim Murray · As part of my ongoing effort to lessen the frequency of my anti-Trump posts I declared for myself a Trump-Free weekend. · This was a kind of voyage in the Way-Back machine to a time before Trump was everywhere all the time. · Before the time when he monopolized the desperate and ...

6 years ago

The Truth About Apples & Bananas

Jim Murray · If you watch CNN and a lot of people do, mainly because they, like me, are hopelessly addicted to the Washington Shitshow, you may have noticed that they have a new commercial that simply shows a picture of an apple. · The purpose of this commercial is to promote the idea, thinly ...

7 years ago

The Massive Allure Of 'More' In Today's America

Jim Murray · This is what is known as an op/ed article, meaning that this in my opinion about whatever the issue here happens to be.You can agree or disagree, that’s your choice This kind of blogging I do is is mostly in aid of getting my opinion down so that, at the very least, I understand ...

7 years ago

This Was My Week That Was

Jim Murray · Since we moved to St Catharines from Toronto in December, life has been pretty chaotic on the home renovation front. · But this week we caught a glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel. Our guy Andrew is here today putting the finishing touches on the basement family room a ...

7 years ago

An Acknowledgement of Appreciation for Chef Anthony Bourdain

Randall Burns ·     ·    As I’ve mentioned before this culinary life was not the planned path that was set out for me so many years ago. When I left university in 1978 to pursue cooking it was a surprise and possibly somewhat of a disappointment to my family and friends wh ...

7 years ago

The Top 10 Things I Have To Do Today 'Cause It's Saturday

Jim Murray · It's Saturday here in the lovely little city of St Catharines. The rain, which fell over the last 30 hours or so has stopped. The sun is on its way out and promising to warm things up to at least 10˙ C. · We have just had almost the entire first floor of our house remodeled so I ...

8 years ago

Why A Lot Of Stuff Is So F**cked Up. An Opinion.

Jim Murray · "A question in your nerves is lit · Yet you know there is no answer fit to satisfy · Insure you not to quit · To keep it in your mind and not forget · That it is not he or she or them or it · That you belong to." ·                                                Bob Dylan ·  First ...

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