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1 month ago

Blending of Energy : The Ultimate PicoSure & Potenza Anti Aging Duo

Penelope Harlow · Experience the ultimate in skin transformation. Embrace the blending of energy for radiant, youthful skin. Book your consulation not and take the first step towards timeless beauty. For more info about Potenza microneedling please visit the The Aesthetic Lounge today. #potenzarfm ...

1 year ago

Time can mean so much

Royce Shook · Time is different in later life. Having expended so much energy in our youth, we are less willing or unable to summon the energy and enthusiasm for a repeat of earlier initiatives. As we reinvent ourselves when we retire, we may gaze upon the paraphernalia of our prior employment ...

1 year ago

Brand New Day

Jim Murray ·

2 years ago

Brand New Day

Jim Murray · Green Energy - Renewable Energy | Bullfrog Power · Bullfrog Power is Canada's leading green energy provider, offering renewable energy solutions for businesses and individuals across Canada. · https://bullfrogpower.com/

3 years ago

Brand New Day Links To Volumes 1-24

Jim Murray · I am 24 posts into my new column, Brand New Day, where I am showcasing some of the great developments in renewables, greentech, recycling, up-cycling and re-use, etc. · This is a very fast growing market and one that is already producing the jobs and investment opportunities of t ...

3 years ago

Volume 6: The Changing Shape of The EV Market • BioEnergy DevCo: Creating Renewable Energy and Healthy Soil • Editorial On The USA

Jim Murray · The Changing Shape of The EV Market · One of the most significant developments in the Electric Vehicle industry is the massive amounts of investment capital that is being directed to it from smart billionaires and investment firms. · What this is causing is an eruption, not just ...

4 years ago

Dieting? You might be interested in this

Royce Shook · Dieting? Then you need to understand the importance of gross-calories versus net-calories according to an article in Medium Food.com. · If you are on a diet, you are probably familiar with the concept of “calories in, calories out” principle. This principle says that we gain weig ...

4 years ago

Conserving Energy

Royce Shook · Many of us as we get older can begin to experience chronic conditions and/or chronic pain. the following is from Oregon Health and Science University, Occupational Therapy and it addresses the issue of managing your energy while dealing with a chronic illness or condition. · Befo ...

5 years ago

Energy and Angst... here's to 2019

Graham🐝 Edwards · He was a old school General Manager — he smoked too much, definitely enjoyed his scotch, would go toe to toe with anyone over the business, and protected his people with a passion. He was the sort that would have his feet up on his desk when he spoke with you… ever crotchety, eve ...

5 years ago

Energy, a Catch 22, and I suppose a good problem to have.

Graham🐝 Edwards · An opportunity cost is defined as something that is given up in order to acquire or achieve something else, and it’s something we deal with each day as we decide what needs to get done. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve always looked a this as an exercise in terms of time management — ...

6 years ago

Why 2017 Will Be A Year We’d Love To Forget But Shouldn’t

Jim Murray · ~~~ This is the last post of the year for me. So I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who reads this stuff, and has stuck with me through thick and thin. I am ready to kick some ass next year and do my little bit to help the world get back on track. Hope you feel ...

7 years ago

Spring Renewal

Royce Shook · As we move into Spring, out of the depths of winter I am enjoying the west coast sunshine (read rain) and I am looking forward with joy to Spring with its stunning colours, wildly serrated edges, oceans of emotion, mountains of possibilities, worlds of talent, and complex energie ...

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