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1 month ago

Hearing aid feedback

Royce Shook · Well, I like to think I’m a responsible homeowner. I mean, I’ve got all these fancy appliances with alarms on them to keep my family safe and sound. But apparently, my trust in technology might have been a tad misplaced. · The other morning, my family and I were all jolted awake ...

5 months ago

The Shower

Royce Shook · So, picture this, I’m on vacation with my family in Whistler BC and I wake up feeling like a sloth. The family had already hit the slopes for the day, leaving me all alone in our condo. So, I thought to myself, “Self, why not have a shower and start the day off fresh?” · I saunte ...

10 months ago

Sewing a skill to keep or to lose?

Royce Shook · As computerization continues formerly essential skills like sewing or cursive writing have perished. I can sew, but very badly and I do rely on my wife to sew if I need something repaired by a sewing machine. My daughter when she was learning to sew in school poked the needle thr ...

1 year ago

The hardest words

Royce Shook · We faced a lot of hard moments in our life. As we raised our family, dealt with life’s issues, and tried to be upstanding citizens from youth to retirement, we have many memories of which we are proud. But anyone who has successfully come to their senior years also has a few rela ...

1 year ago

Zooming and Family

Royce Shook · Two years ago, my nephew did a 23 and me DNA test and we discovered that according to 23 and me, we had another brother who was older than I was by three years. I was the eldest of four brothers, so this was a shock. So, after a lot of investigation, he reached out and connected ...

1 year ago

In memory of

Royce Shook · One of the people I call a friend, died of a stroke the other day. It was a shock, and so sad. He was about 10 years younger than me and was a gentle, considerate, caring, kind, · compassionate man with a wicked sense of humour. On our annual golf tour, it was mentioned by one of ...

2 years ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray ·

2 years ago

Dead Penguins -

Royce Shook · I never knew this! · Did you ever wonder why there are no dead penguins on the ice in Antarctica? · Where do they go? · Wonder no more!!! · I have found out what happens when a penguin dies, and I am glad to let you know. · It is a known fact that the penguin is a very ritual ...

2 years ago

Helping your child learn social skills

Royce Shook · The family was on a ZOOM call. As I watched the very youngest of our family play and be children on the call while their parents struggled to keep them in line, I thought about how important we believe it to be to teach social skills.   A properly adjusted child is vital to makin ...

3 years ago

The Barrel: Our Society Over a Barrel

CityVP Manjit · The Paradox Wisdom Collection: The Barrel [Paradox Wisdom #44] ·                                       Reference: Ali Anani Phd Buzz : THE CRACKING OF RELATIONSHIPS                                                                                        https://www.bebee.com/produc ...

3 years ago

Helping out

Royce Shook · These are times of wonder and times of worry, all of us have friends who are anxious and who are wondering how we will get through this crisis. How do you help out in a time of crisis? Well, you could send them to the friendship song for a bit of a break from the world, but that ...

4 years ago

Review: Resilience: One Family's Story of Hope and Triumph Over Evil

Norm Goldman · Author: Dr. Judy Stone · Publisher: Mountainside MD PRESS · ISBN: 978-0-9749178-2-5 · There have been dozens of books authored by second-generation children of Holocaust survivors that have been trying to make sense of their backgrounds by delving into the horrendous past experie ...

4 years ago

Memories are made of this

Royce Shook · My oldest cousin died a while ago. I know that death at our age is expected, but her death was a surprise. There are a number of reasons I feel sad about her loss. First, we were not close, but I remember her as a very strong, friendly person who had a laugh and a smile that woul ...

4 years ago

Assumptions, values and beliefs 2

Royce Shook · As I wrote earlier, we live in a reality of assumptions I suggested you make a list of the assumptions you make about your personal life and journey. Then choose one of the fundamental assumptions and ask yourself what you would do if that assumption were to become invalid. This ...

5 years ago

On Not Being Stressed Out

Royce Shook · The one thing that virtually all of us have in common is the stress of living in this modern age.  So much has changed for my generation since we first enjoyed those days of youth culture when hairstyle and rock music seemed like the most important things in the world.  But, like ...

5 years ago

Family time

Royce Shook · Failure can happen at any time and at any place. There is no reason why anyone should be alarmed when they find that failure has hit them.  It can come in many shapes and sizes and for just about any reason that can be thought of. Dealing with failure is something that we all can ...

5 years ago

Romances late in life

Royce Shook · One of the realities of being our age, is that we lose life partners or our partners decide that they want to go on a different path then we do, and there is a parting of the ways. We are social creatures and so we, will after some time after a loss, seek out a new partner. · Whe ...

5 years ago

Family Stories

Royce Shook · The merging of two families through marriage is never easy, as each side wants to put on a good face to the other. The bride and groom may at times be aware of the tensions, and over time there is acceptance of the families to the new circumstances. But at the beginning, there ar ...

6 years ago

Think of your Local Foodbank

Royce Shook · August,  summer is half over, and we are starting to think about the fall. Do you remember heading back to school as a child?  Do you remember the total mix of emotions that came with it? I certainly do. I remember the anticipation of attending a new class, the excitement of seei ...

6 years ago

Physical Intelligence - Day 6

CityVP Manjit · That I am currently logging first and then going into the gym is good news in one way in that it serves as a motivator and reminder that I should, but that I am logging at 6:30pm means the window I have given myself is narrowed greatly and comes up with things that are easily ant ...

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