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1 month ago

CPC Post for Thursday

Jim Murray ·

1 month ago


Jim Murray · Sometimes I will see an image so powerful that it inspires me to write something about it. · I was raised in the Catholic religion. The whole nine yards, from alter boy to Columbian Squires to CYO dances every Friday, to confession every Thursday and mass every Sunday. And I was ...

3 months ago

The Day Off, Yeah, Right

Jim Murray · It’s a Thursday. I am beat from a rather grueling valuation day yesterday at Shaver where I’m doing my rehab and I’m only halfway through. We finish up there on Friday and won’t be able to go back for 6 months. · So we have both joined the gym at Brock, and will go there a couple ...

2 years ago

Moments — who says the universe doesn't have a sense of humour

Graham🐝 Edwards · I looked at my calendar for the week and was struck by two appointments I had on Wednesday and Thursday — I even mentioned it to a friend who just laughed. I’m still wrestling with whether it’s funny or just ironic; either way “someone” has a sense of humour. · On Wednesday I hav ...

4 years ago

Physical Intelligence - Day 12

CityVP Manjit · This was the second time I managed to squeeze gym between a tight window between two activities - the first that most horrid of things called tax time activities and a Thursday night event that I planned on attending.  The big difference today was forgetting that a part of this j ...

4 years ago

In my life

Royce Shook · In my life, was on the radio, and I thought what a wonderful song for a dreary rainy Thursday in January. Our guests have come and gone and I thought this is a good time to think of people who have come and gone in my life. When I was involved in networking marketing, I learned t ...

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