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Moments — My life is fine...


“My life is fine… although I could use something interesting.”




I didn’t say this but heard it uttered as I was running stairs. Two people were walking up the stairs of the Wallace Street Bridge as I was resting at the bottom — it wasn’t my intension but I heard it just the same.

I didn’t hear the reply.

The word fine has become one of those words where the true meaning has been corrupted because of its over use (as a default) or by many a motivator who like to use the word as a sardonic benchmark for improvement. As an adjective, the word fine means “of high quality” and has synonyms such as exceptional, out standing and even “first class”. I think it’s time to take back the definition and know being fine* is a very good thing.

As I continued my said stair running, I couldn’t help wonder how “interesting” would be defined in this case, and then I started to ponder the binary challenge that came with what was said — was she going to bring something interesting into her life? Yes or No?

I was reminded that action is binary, as well as its measurement for that matter. Yes I did it; no I did not do it — there is no nuance. The action and the measurement are one in the same. In this particular case, if “interesting” is the goal, then it’s best to pick something new and different; from there just do and afterwards you can always go though some advanced analysis to determine how interesting it was. In the end, something gets done and that wonderful journey we like to call process improvement gets started.

If I was going to play this game, and after some reflection, I suppose I would say my life is restorative. (full stop)


PS: "If you are going to play the “My life is…” game remember that when you are looking in the mirror, you know who is looking back.

*if fine is not the best adjective for you please choose another because as I say, we need to return this word back to its rightful place.

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Renée 🐝 Cormier

4 months ago #1

My hair is fine but that's a whole other meaning. 😜

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