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365 (and a bit) days to make stuff happen

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Life Lessons

The evolution of what motivates

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Life Lessons
Your Brain

Overall: 1026 (+1)
CE SE—— |

Speed: 1238

Memory: 847
1 |

Attention: 800
CT —

Flexibility: 645 (-2)

Language: 971 (+3)
Le __]

Math: 1158
| | |

Problem Solving: 1523









Finding your blind spots...

“I’m quite easy going…” · A dear friend looked at me confused and said, “What are you talking about, you are one of the least easy-going people I know.” · I went on to explain myself with little success and we agreed to disagree.

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Life Lessons

What's the purpose of it all?

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Life Lessons

A two year pandemic journal...

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in Educación Infantil

If you want to go far...

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Know Your Measure

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Sacrificing Sacred Cows

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A series on leadership — insight three

Recently I thought I had reached a level of wisdom that I could offer thoughts on a number of things in a blog; one of which was Leadership. In my brief overview on the topic, I said this: · Leadership is defined when times are difficult: with vision, decision making, and ownersh ...

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Happy Birthday to me...

Upfront I’d like to say that if you insist on getting me a gift I am truly grateful but you should make a donation to your local food bank instead. · For those who struggle with my age, it’s somewhere between thirty-seven and eighty-four — if you want something more exact it’s pr ...

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"The Hardest Worker in the Room"

For those not familiar with a “Word Cloud” it’s the result of a metadata exercise which visualizes text data and is used by marketing for value proposition exercises, messaging exercises, and customer persona exercises (all involving a bunch of important people in a room and stic ...

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Celebrating this time of the year...

This timeline may not be particularly accurate, but I believe it’s directionally sound and I’m almost certain we’ll land on something worthwhile — Jól leads to Yule, which leads to Yuletide, which finds its way to Christmastide; then Christmas, which finds its way to a massive ye ...

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in Glimpses of Insight

Moments — You are not your Mistakes...

I have no context to this — it may be the work of a local urban artist, possibly some sort of clever marketing or even the name of a new business. What I do know for certain is it was spray painted on a boarded-up window of what I assume is a local shop under renovations. With a ...

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in Health and Wellness

The words that have defined me after my death...

It’s one of those books that is dense with information — not hard to comprehend but contains so much that every page has you thinking, has you marking up the margins and folding corners to the point that each page looks the same. I can see why it’s on every list of books that bus ...

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Entering the post COVID world...

In my part of the world the COVID-19 pandemic has become manageable and the normality of working alongside the virus is settling into the public psyche. What I just said may be a little contentious for some, but it’s safe to say we’d all agree managing through the last eighteen p ...

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"How are you doing?"

Decades of sitting behind desks, in airplanes or in a car has blessed me with very tight hips which, when not tended to, can be a crippling and painful proposition until the anti-inflammatories kick in. One of my preventative strategies is to walk each and every day which not onl ...

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