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Anirban Mukherjee is well established in his life. He is working as a soft engineer in a reputed M.N.C. and getting a fat salary to enjoy a decent life with all comforts required for maintaining a decent livelihood. His father is a retired government employee and he is having a b ...

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Climbing! Are you still up there?

It seems like a lifetime ago … and in many ways it was. Attending Outward Bound's Moray Sea School, back in 1965, was an important hold point and wake-up call in my character moulding. · This wasn't through any proactive choice of mine, but as a consequence of being thrown a lif ...

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4 A Different Slant

Consultant Marketing Credibility Index

What is your credibility index? · If you are a consultant it is a pretty good bet that you have a profile on Linked In. · How credible does that profile make you to your prospects? Here’s a simple way to evaluate that will take just minutes. · What to consider. · People, I’ve bee ...

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Entering the post COVID world...

In my part of the world the COVID-19 pandemic has become manageable and the normality of working alongside the virus is settling into the public psyche. What I just said may be a little contentious for some, but it’s safe to say we’d all agree managing through the last eighteen p ...

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The Puzzle of Life

Do you love putting puzzles together? · I do. My strategy is do the frame first. · .. this is like setting a foundation .. · .. it matters not your tribe or nation .. · Foundations are essential in the "Life Puzzle" @Farooq Omar · A wonderful metaphor for life .. a PUZZLE · In tr ...

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Let's make up. Charlotte Tilbury, publicity and much ado about nothing.

Today I joined a live writer’s presentation about half way through. I missed the topic and person that were the highlights of the online call and afterwards, ended up replaying the entire thing from scratch until I found out who it was that had said something stupid/controversial ...

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I am afraid of kids · Who are forced to live a life devoid of usual treats · Owing to a pandemic and its detrimental flow · They receive the strictest blow · Like a caged bird · Their wings are clipped and ripped apart · They are forced to believe with sheer fear · Flying is an a ...

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Knowing a soul

The deepest oceans  · Can resemble the shallowest people · Absorbed by the surface · What’s underneath  · Remains a mystery  · Can we know each other’s souls · Through writing? – Alan Geller  ·   · It depends on the soul. · It depends on the writing. ·   · In truth: We only ever ...

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“I am the question · And you are the answer · I am the LYRICS .. with words like dancers · Need You the MELODY .. to give life to my song · I am a boat on the sea all alone · You are the North star guiding me home  · I’m the explorer .. and  · You are the treasure I seek” ·  – Im ...

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