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There’s more to life than being a passenger.

Amelia Earhart came perhaps before her time, the smiling, confident, capable, yet compassionate human being is one of which we can all be proud. Through her writing and numerous interviews, Earhart left us with many inspirational words, on everything from the joy of flying to the ...

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Life Lessons

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The Empty Space

She’s gone a couple of days now so I’m not greeted by her loud complaining as soon as I walk in the front door. Home is quiet and there is less clutter than usual around the place. In the kitchen I switch on the kettle and make a note to get rid of any of her stuff that’s still l ...

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Best Practices for Attracting Wild Birds to Your Garden

Spotted woodpecker in flight. Like most birds, they love sunflower seeds!It’s really cool to see all the birds you can attract just by putting out a feeder for the birds, but just because you have a feeder out doesn’t necessarily mean you will attract birds. Here are some tips fo ...

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The Best Deals in Doggy Fashion

One of my favourite activities to do with my four-legged friend is dress him up. I enjoy colour matching with my dog and have found some great brands, and great deals to make this possible. For inspiration, following some dog fashion accounts on social media is a great way to sta ...

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Queensland Quay is Quintessentially Quandamooka

Let me tell you how a recent Sunday afternoon stroll along Wynnun Jetty unexpectedly turned into a journey of cultural awareness. · Not so long ago we took the opportunity to take the short ferry trip across Moreton Bay to ‘Straddie’ (North Stradbroke Island) and were introduced ...

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For the Love of Pets

I love animals. There probably isn’t a single non-human creature on this earth that I couldn’t love. I’ve had dogs, cats, prairie dogs, parrots and even rodents as pets.  · When I was a little girl, I had a pet spider outside my bedroom window. Well, it wasn’t really a pet, but m ...

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