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See this guy?


See this guy? One of the scruffier looking people in America. But also a  dyed-in-the-wool anarchist. and IMHO, rebel without a clue.  He looks like an outlier, because Trump got rid of him, when he was on  the inside teaching Trump all the anarchist tricks. But make no mistake, he’s still all for making Trump the Evil Emperor of America. But Bannon understands that Trump does not have the intellect to know what to do with absolute power. He only wants it for the sake of having it and letting everybody know he has it.  To Bannon this means Trump will be easy to manipulate. Guys like Bannon are all over the place in America. Anarchists like him all talk a mean game but don’t really  appear to have much of a vision about what the country should do after it all falls apart like they want it to. That makes them doubly dangerous, because they are willing to go all the way to the wall with their anarchy, but then they can go no further and the situation just dissolves into chaos. And then the people revolt and the Democrats come back and try to put it all back together again. Wouldn’t it be much handier to skip the Anarchy/emperor/chaos part and put this guy and his pal Trump way onto the back burner of American lunatics, where they belong?

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