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1 month ago

Never Believe A Prediction That Doesn’t Empower You

Jim Murray · This will likely be the last post I write on my experiences over the past two years. It's time to move on and get back to my normal stuff. · On the day I left the hospital in Hamilton after having spinal surgery and the nerve that controlled balance in my legs was severed, I was ...

1 month ago

Things Lost & Found: Part 7 - Patience

Jim Murray · I have always been impatient. I think it may have a lot to do with my metabolism. It seems like I am always in a hurry to get things done. · Before I actually got proficient at writing, which is mostly what I do and have done for all of my adult life, I was always in a hurry. In ...

2 months ago

The Friday Files - The Nature of Certainty Part 2

Jim Murray · In a way it’s funny because certainty in this life is often defined in uncertain terms. · For example, it’s a certain that we are all going to die. But it’s uncertain exactly when that will take place. Could be in the next minute or so, could be thirty or forty years from now. · ...

2 months ago

The Friday Files 2021 - Part 3 What’s Wrong With The World

Jim Murray · Sometimes I lay down in the dark, close my eyes and try to figure out what's wrong with the world. · And it all keeps coming back to one thing. One thing that causes all the strife. One thing that causes all the hate. One thing that keeps most of us living in a state of fear. · I ...

3 months ago

The Trouble With God

Jim Murray · The trouble with God is that he is a great manager. He creates all kinds of things and leaves them to fend for themselves, confident that his creations will grow and thrive and evolve and that it will all will be good for everyone and everything that is part of his creation. · An ...

4 months ago

On Arrogance, Pride & The Economy

Jim Murray · One of the things that has always astounded me as I have traveled through life is the attitude that some people have towards money. · To me, money has never been the driver in my life. It was always my work. Sure I got paid for it. Sometimes I got paid a lot. Sometimes I did it f ...

5 months ago

Closer To The Heart

Jim Murray · Every day I wake up with a different song in my head. Today it was this song by the Canadian · group Rush. Rush was a trio of musicians who made a mighty sound coming from just three guys. They were a pretty hard core rock band but there was always a bit of a message to their so ...

5 months ago

Comfortably Numb Is The Last Thing You Want To Be These Days.

Jim Murray · https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_4uEaZQ2Kg · A while ago, maybe two months, I reduced my long format political posting by about 90%. Instead I channeled what I have now come to see as a massive amount of anger into a series of memes that I post daily. · I get as great deal of pe ...

6 months ago

Learning To Be Still

Jim Murray · This past year, I spent 4 months pretty much flat on my back in hospital, thanks to an E-coli infection that wasn’t nipped in the bud like it would have been in the best of all worlds. · One of the things that happened as a result of this, which was surgically treated, was that I ...

7 months ago

Something That Should Be Important To Everyone

Jim Murray · I spent about 4 months in the hospital in the first half of last year. And it gave me a lot of time to think. · I thought about what was important to me going forward, and one of the conclusions I came to was that the continued health and well being of everyone on this planet is ...

4 years ago

7Learning To Write For Yourself {Part 1}

Jim Murray · This morning I woke up to the realization that the world level of bullshit is now over all our heads. So this is a new series where I will be imparting whatever dubious wisdom I possess in the most bullshit free possible. If this bothers you, well that's your problem. If you like ...

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