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1 week ago

See This Country?

Jim Murray · It has a lot going for it and always has, ever since it was founded 250 odd years ago. · But times change and as the country grew, mostly due to robber barons, slave labour and hard working immigrants, its ideals tended to get pushed to the back burner as its power grew and its n ...

1 month ago


Jim Murray ·   · Donald Trump has launched a new social media site for righties called Truth. He had it built on an open platform, which his site builders advised against. But being the all knowing Imperial Wizard that he is, he probably poo-pooed the idea to save some money, which is a dwind ...

1 month ago


Jim Murray · The distinct possibility that Donald Trump will not do a day of jail time doesn't surprise me. America has pretty much always had one law for the rich and one for the rest. Will it be a travesty of justice? Probably. But one thing it won't be is any sort of shocker. In fact, I be ...

3 months ago

The Cult Of Ignorance: The Biggest Cult Of Them All

Jim Murray · A lot of us have been on social media for quite some time now and one of the things that we should have learned by now is that opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one. · Social media gives you the opportunity to say whatever you want about whatever you want and if you wor ...

5 months ago

The Idiot Class

Jim Murray · Since Donald Trump’s election to president, or perhaps a little before that, there was a class of Americans that nobody defined. · These were people who were poorly educated, or at least failed to actually learn much from whatever education they did have. · These are people who a ...

5 months ago

The Cult of Donald J. Trump

Jim Taggart ·   · The first couple of years of Donald Trump’s presidency brought out armchair psychologists. Some of these individuals had work-based connections to the broad field of mental health and a few were actual psychologists, all of whom took aim at the controversial 45th president of ...

6 months ago

Be Open to Outcome—The Leaderly Approach

Jim Taggart · A baseball bat and a baseball cost $1.10 · The bat costs one dollar more than the baseball. · How much does the baseball cost? · According to Professor of Psychology Emeritus (Princeton), Daniel Kahneman, most people (including smarty pants Ivy League students) state that the bas ...

6 months ago

The Allure of Populism—and the Confusion with Fascism

Jim Taggart ·   · Populist: 1) A member or adherent of a political party seeking to represent the interests of ordinary people. 2) A person who supports or seeks to appeal to the interests of ordinary people. Adj. Representing or appealing to the interests and opinions of ordinary people. Deri ...

6 months ago

How Donald Trump Played America—and Himself

Jim Taggart · This leadership post is a look back at one I wrote prior to Donald Trump becoming President of the United States. Much of the numbness from the Trump term has abated now that President Joe Biden has just passed his 100 days in office. However, there’s much uncertainty what the fu ...

8 months ago

Violence and Degradation In The Heart of Texas

Robert Cormack · Even ex presidents aren't safe down there. · “Good thing we’ve still got politics in Texas—the finest form of free entertainment ever invented.” Molly Ivins · It’s a disturbing sign of the times when an ex president is punched in the face — even if he deserves it. No doubt histor ...

1 year ago

The Art Of Pin Pricking In 2020

Jim Murray · There is a lot of conversation going on these days on social media now that the United States has evidently come to its senses, and, in decisive fashion, voted Donald Trump out of office. · As is generally the case with elections, to the victors go the spoils, which includ ...

1 year ago

Crisis Leadership: Clarifying What Needs to be Done

Jim Taggart · Note: A few years after the 2008-09 financial crash and ensuing Great Recession, I wrote a post on leadership lessons. Then I updated it following the arrival of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States. While only 12 years have passed (in a flash) since the onset ...

1 year ago

The Cynic’s Guide To Becoming A Better Human Being

Jim Murray · Glass Half Empty…Glass Half Full…Yadda Yadda. · As I was riding around today, painfully aware of the shitshow of human stupidity that I invariably end up bearing witness to on these sojourns, a thought occurred to me. · What if, instead of my thinking that this endless parade of ...

1 year ago

There Is A Crack, A Crack In Everything. It’s How The Light Gets In

Jim Murray · I woke up this morning feeling angry. · Do you ever get days like that? I find that they are occurring with me more often, knowing that no matter what day it is, sooner or later some weird shit is going to happen and I’m going to shake my head and think to myself…what the fuck. · ...

2 years ago

A World Without Trump

Jim Murray · My computer, which is a real workhorse and about 6, years old is starting to get a little over-heated. · So I took a ride down to the Mac store to talk to them about it. It was cloudy but there was no wind to speak of and it was delightfully cool. So I rode at the leisurely pace ...

2 years ago

A Guide to Stiffies.

Robert Cormack · Overcoming the myths of boner pills and slinging dick. · “I’ve always said, ‘If you need Viagra, you’re probably with the wrong girl.’” Donald Trump · A woman wrote on social media that she found her stepdad’s Viagra in the medicine cabinet. Some guy responded, saying, “Maybe he ...

2 years ago

Too Much Trump Will Make You Kick It.

Jim Murray · I have been following the antics of Donald Trump for close to 30 years. · The reason that I have been so interested in him is that he was one of those guys who always sounded like he was full of shit, but you didn’t really mind because it was all pretty harmless. · In fact, watch ...

2 years ago

Fighting Trump With Humour…Who Knew How Effective It Could Be?

Jim Murray · The world has never really seen a president of a major democratic country who possesses all the insane characteristics of Donald Trump. · I have been watching Trump for a number of years, and really thought he was nothing more than another preppie asshole trust fund brat. It neve ...

3 years ago

The 90/10 Differential And Why You Would Be Smart To Embrace The Reality Of It

Jim Murray · The world is shrinking in a lot of ways. · With better communication it’s getting smaller. Nothing is really foreign to anyone anymore. · With the growth in telecommuting the amount of time wasted, or at least not maximized, is decreasing, giving people more time to think and do ...

3 years ago

Today I (Gulp) Publicly Apologize To Donald Trump

Jim Murray · I’ve been making a real effort these days to broaden and deepen my outlook on certain things that I think are important in life. · This is probably something that a lot of us should do if we want our understanding of those things to grow. · Anybody who knows me understands that I ...

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