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CPC Review Wheel Of Time





I'm not 100% sure about this one. Certainly it's got
all the elements of a big story. And certainly | was
start to differentiate the characters from each other.
And it's certainly is uber violent and well done at at.
And certainly 1 will have to give it a bit of license
because | have no frame of reference for where this
is, what period it's in, and how the culture in it is

But | thought it was very vell put together, and be-
cause there is only the one episode available and its
primary function seemed to be to set up the premise
for the story, | was intrigued enough to want to go
back and see how it develops.

Basically this is a story about a world somewhere
that is about to face a cataclysm, because something
very bad, which was beaten down in past times, is
re-emerging, and evidently it's a real bad-ass thing.

But there are, of course, some folks who can defeat
this bad-ass whatever it is and | guess they will take
as long as it takes to do this

Obiously I'm trying not to give away the whole
story here. It's very well thought out, but all the
names and places will take some getting used to.

& CHRoy,


Jeon Pray

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