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1 week ago

Smoke Signals: My Story Collection

Jim Murray · Over the past two years, recovering from some pretty serious spinal surgery, I started to wonder if the four months I spent in hospital and the surgery itself had affected my writing ability. So in addition to all the physical work I had to do to get back on my feet, I started wr ...

1 month ago
1 year ago

Positive thoughts count down to xmas 5

Royce Shook · It is interesting what you can find on the Net. US News and World Report do a yearly report on countries. They use a set of 73 country attributes – terms that can be used to describe a country and that are also relevant to the success of a modern nation. Various attributes and na ...

1 year ago

Pic de Jour:

Jim Murray · GS #1 Rowan around age 3+. Never left a tip.

1 year ago


Jim Murray · Short Story #1, Into The Heat, is now available for anyone who wants to read it. I have posted it on my blog site to make it easy to scale and read on any device you're using. This is the first of 7 that I will be publishing over the next few weeks. Hope you have as much fun read ...

1 year ago

If you want to go far...

Graham🐝 Edwards ·

2 years ago

A Guide to Effective Branding: (Part 5 in A Series)

Jim Murray · You can find the rest of the articles in this series on my wall at https://ca.bebee.com/bee/jim-murray · One of the recurring themes in business media has to do with the idea of building a brand for your business. If you are a consultant or solopreneur then it’s generally referre ...

2 years ago

Smart Marketing For Small Business

Jim Murray · This is the 6th post in my series on Smart Marketing For Small Business. You can find the rest of these in various place on my wall. · Or if you would like the series emailed to you, just email me at onandup3@gmail.com.

2 years ago

The Three Hats Of The Communications Business.
How Many Do You Wear?

Jim Murray · When I left the ad agency business, back when dinosaurs roamed the earth (ie last century), I was, thanks to the creative people I worked with, the people who mentored me and the account guys I did freelance work for, a fair bit more than a copywriter. · This was very much part ...

2 years ago

Lessons in Teamwork: Winning Despite Trenchfoot, Leeches and Hunger

Jim Taggart · Many years ago, I watched Eco-Challenge 2000 on the Discovery Channel (a show that ran from 1995 to 2002), a fascinating event encompassing teamwork and leadership. This was my first experience watching Eco-Challenge, the highlights of which were broadcast over five evenings. I w ...

2 years ago

A series on leadership — insight three

Graham🐝 Edwards · Recently I thought I had reached a level of wisdom that I could offer thoughts on a number of things in a blog; one of which was Leadership. In my brief overview on the topic, I said this: · Leadership is defined when times are difficult: with vision, decision making, and ownersh ...

2 years ago

Constructive Conflict: Advice from the Mother of Modern Management

Jim Taggart · When we look back to the 20th Century and reflect on great leaders, whether leading nations, organizations or social movements, there’s a tendency to produce a list with mostly male names. However, when one attempts to create a list of who were the great management thinkers durin ...

2 years ago

10 Leadership Lessons to Succeed During Turbulent Change

Jim Taggart ·   · To say that the first two decades of the 21st Century have been packed with major change events is an understatement. From the now 20-year war in Afghanistan, the Iraq war and the contrived conditions for its prosecution by President G.W. Bush, the Occupy Wall Street movement ...

2 years ago

Post from Jim Murray

Jim Murray · Pic de Jour: Grandson #1 back in the day when he was just a squirt.

3 years ago

Why I Write. The Simplest Explanation I Can Offer.

Jim Murray · I WRITE · I write to let the demons deep inside me out to play · I write just like the dog who demands to have his day · I write until I feel my aging wounds being to heal · I write until my hands become unstuck from the driving wheel · I write when the sun goes down and all the ...

3 years ago

365 Days...

Graham🐝 Edwards · It has been a little more than 365 days since the World Health Organization announced a novel coronavirus had been isolated from a person in hospital, and it will be a less than 365 days when everyone will have received a vaccination for the virus that causes COVID-19 (at least i ...

3 years ago

The Fine Art Of Surviving The Near Future.

Jim Murray · My son, who is one of the more pragmatic people in my life, came over today to drop some stuff off and have a bit of a chat. · We talked about a number of different things, and eventually the conversation got around to the Covid pandemic, which I call the Plague. · One of the tra ...

3 years ago

Why I have Never Actually Worked a Day In The Last 40 Years.

Jim Murray · The 80/20 Differential (shortened down from the bulkier 80/20 Rule of Almost Everything), states that anywhere from 80 to 90% of all working people hate what they are doing, but continue doing it because they have to earn a living. · I find this to be one of the saddest statistic ...

3 years ago

What A Biden Presidency Means to Canada

Jim Murray · OK, a lot of Americans came after me as I was slamming hard on Trump over the past years, for being a Canadian and why the hell should I care about their country? · But what they don't realize, or aren't willing to admit, is that our two countries are bound to each other in s ...

3 years ago

Marketing & Communication For Small Business: Part 2 - Branding

Jim Murray · This is the second in a series I have developed on small business, sales, marketing and communication. My plan is to post one a week until I have transposed most of the insight from my 40 odd years in marketing and communications from my head to yours. LOL. · ***************** ...

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