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2 weeks ago

CPC TV Review

Jim Murray ·

4 weeks ago


Jim Murray ·

1 month ago

Midnight Mass Review

Jim Murray ·

5 months ago

The End Of Network TV (For Me)

Jim Murray · It’s pretty much a year ago now that I stopped watching network TV. When I quit, I was still in the Hospital recuperating from spinal surgery and rehabbing my legs which were pretty severely affected by my surgery. Needless to say I had a lot of time to kill. I also had good inte ...

7 months ago

An Update On The Screen Story I'm Writing

Jim Murray · So for the last couple of months I have been busy writing a screen story for an idea I had while I was in the hospital. It’s about a couple of things. Mainly it’s about eco terrorism. But it’s also a character study of a young sniper who finds himself conscripted into the war on ...

8 months ago

My Shift Away From Network TV Is Almost Complete.

Jim Murray · I have historically been a big network TV watcher. But one of the things I have noticed about myself lately is that I now have almost no interest in it. · I get all the channels and scan them regularly but more and more these days, there seems to be less and less that I find inte ...

1 year ago

VOLUME 12: Editorial: The Good The Bad & The Ugly Of TV • The Mandalorian Part II • The Queen’s Gambit • The US Election

Jim Murray · The Spud Rating System · NO SPUD 4U - Crap · • · ONE SPUD - OK Time Waster · TWO SPUDS - Worth Watching/Reading · The Good The Bad & The Ugly Of TV · As many of you know, I have been writing this column since 1998, and every once in a while I indulge myself with a bit of editori ...

1 year ago

VOLUME 11: Trial of The Chicago 7 • The Girl In The Spider’s Web • Mystery Road Movie • The Mandalorian

Jim Murray · Today, I completed my accelerated rehab course at Hotel Dieu Shaver. I had a couple of really great people to work with and they taught Heather how to spot for me as I spend the next four months going it on my own. Today, I did the longest single walk I have ever done on the walk ...

1 year ago

VOLUME 10: Wisting (Acorn) • Spuditorial Network Vs Streamers • Stuff I Like On Netflix & Prime

Jim Murray · Winter is coming. Time for me to get back into long pants, learning to deal with needing to keep warm all day, and getting used to life lived more inside than out. · It’s all good, though. My legs are getting stronger and I am starting to work on keeping balanced while free stand ...

1 year ago

Volume 6: The Social Dilemma, Silver Spoon, Child 44

Jim Murray · As you can see, if you are following my blathering, the number of Couch Potato Chronicles posts are currently outnumbering the Lava Flow posts these days. · This is because I am still figuring out what I want that blog to be about. I’m also deliberately avoiding writing longer fo ...

1 year ago

Volume 4: The Equalizer II,The Guardians & Some Other Stuff

Jim Murray · Today, in my little corner of the world, the weather turned a corner that leads straight into spectacular fall colours and a winter wonderland. I won't be enjoying too much of it because I am stuck in my chair for at least another 6 months to a year, but things are looking decide ...

1 year ago

Volume 3: Steaming Services: Every Couch Potato’s New BFF.

Jim Murray · One of the good things that has happened since I have been home is that I have pretty much managed to re-learn how to use my Mac, and get back up to the levels of proficiency I had before the shit hit the fan. · This also included access to my password collection and the ability ...

1 year ago

Volume 2: What Places Like Scandinavia and Mexico Can Teach Us About TV.

Jim Murray · One of the things I did while I was in the hospital, with free Internet and a lot of free time, was start watching a lot of the kinds of programming I would not watch with my wife at home. · My wife is one of those people who always needs to be doing something else when she watch ...

2 years ago

Why I Hate Graphs.

Robert Cormack · I'm not too crazy about Lamborghinis, either. · “I hate charts. I just despise them.” Rush Limbaugh · If I’m being totally honest here, charts scare the crap out of me. There was one in the phys-ed office back at high school that ranked STDs. It was a bar chart and gonorrhea (red ...

2 years ago

The Rolling Thunder Revue On Netflix

Jim Murray · This is a documentary that was directed by Martin Scorsese and chronicles a good chunk of the Rolling Thunder Revue, which was this weird traveling minstrel show orchestrated by Bob Dylan in the mid seventies. · Bob was, at that point, more than a decade into his stint as the leg ...

2 years ago

Here's the Thing About Loneliness—It Ain't Really Loneliness.

Robert Cormack · You're just scared by the thought of it. · “Maybe ever’body in the whole damn world is scared of each other.” John Steinbeck, Of Mice and Men · When Charles Bukowski confessed he’d “never been lonely,” it’s hard to imagine him being any other way. Growing up, he was an outsider, ...

2 years ago

The Art Of Bingeing Your Way Through The Winter

Jim Murray · Admittedly, I am nor have I ever been, a big fan of winter. But the damn thing keeps coming at us year after year. Heavy clothing. Windows all closed. Days that are too cold to ride your bike anywhere. Eternal grey skies. It all pretty much sucks and is more than enough to get yo ...

3 years ago

How can I be frugal?

Royce Shook · Buy everyday items you use in bulk. Buy the biggest package you can find, which gives you the most for the money.  · Cut out most frozen foods. Some frozen foods make sense, like buying frozen bread dough. It is cheaper to buy three or four unbaked loaves together than to buy one ...

4 years ago

How To Survive The Coming Zombie Apocalypse

Paul "Pablo" Croubalian · Zombies have a great PR department. They're everywhere in modern culture. They are mostly Bad Guys a la "The Walking Dead," "Z-Nation," et al.  "Game of Thrones" has its Army of the Dead. What are those if not Bad Guy zombies? · Any exposure is good exposure. · We have slow zom ...

4 years ago

Journey of One

CityVP Manjit · This is a rare picture from the inner sanctum of my home and this is a rare occurrence where members of family are willing to to watch the kind of things I watch.  They prefer Netflix for entertainment, I prefer video for educational and self-development purposes.  I do have one ...

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