Jim Murray

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T used to be & poet.
Way back in the day

Long before the sleck
Looking machinery

That manufactures words
At the speed of ight

Was even dreaint of

T used to be & poet.
When words were measured
Carefully and thoughtfully
When love and passion
Dripped from every one
Like honey from some
Overachieving beehive

I used to be & poet
When I could make
Subconscious thoughts
Churn and bubble

A witches cauldron

Of fear and anger

Of anxiety and longing

For everything from justice
10 & food old mshioned Nick

T used to be & poet.
When everything was cool

And everyone could find

The deeper meaning

When inflections were like chords
That no one had played before

And they were so rich

And strange and full of the unknown

I used to be & poet
When my mind was free Lo wander
And I was always invited Wo

Tag along, taking nots

And shaping them into

Little anthems Ww whatever

Was £0Ing on, going strong

Going right, going wrong

Going, going, fone

1 used to be poet.
But nowadays

I have W reach way back

To find those things

That came 80 easily

Those thoughts that would drift
On the tide of all that [

Was s0 connected to

When I used Lo be & poet

Jim Murray
From Dirty Hymns Vol 8

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